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Music > Athens poised for Eurovision May 17, 2006

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More than 3,000 police officers will be working around the clock to help guard the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Athens this week, as the Public Order Ministry implements Olympic Games-like security measures.

The police, along with 500 guards from private security firms, will keep a close eye on the OAKA Olympic Sports Complex’s indoor basketball arena where the song contest is taking place.

Additional security forces will be used to guard hotels accommodating participants.

The competition’s semifinal is to be held on Thursday while the final is set for Saturday.

Police sources said that around 20,000 visitors will be in Athens for the contest, some 16,000 more than initial estimates.

Police patrols will also increase in central Athens to help ensure that various scheduled activities remain trouble free. Additionally, there will also be some traffic regulations. Cars bearing an accreditation will be given priority and will be allowed to use bus lanes.

A friendly piece of advice > better to stay at home and watch the contest on tv! or if you are an internet fan, click www.eurovision.tv or www.itv4u.net 

Movies > The Da Vinci Code controversy May 17, 2006

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In Athens, some 200 religious protesters, waving crucifixes and Greek flags, demonstrated yesterday in protest of the film. The protesters, including Orthodox monks and nuns, later marched peacefully to the Parliament.

“All religions merit respect, so why don’t they show respect in this case instead of attacking all that we hold sacred?” said Athanasios Papageorgiou, President of St. John the Theologian Group in Peania, east of Athens.


Official Greek website > http://www.davincicode.gr/

Digital Interactive TV European Conference in Athens May 17, 2006

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An extremely interesting conference is held in Athens on 25 and 26 May. The conference is about digital interactive tv, an issue which more and more comes to the front scene and which plays an important role into our high-tech life.

This is the 4th European Conference, Euro ITV 2006, http://www.eltrun.gr/euroitv2006 organized by ELTRUN, Department of Management and Technology, Univeristy of Athens. 

More than 120 delegates from 25 countries are participating while more than 80 specialized papers will be presented in order to examine, analyse and forecast future trends. 

Euro ITV 2006 will deal with issues such as the capabilities of inter-connecting digital interactive tv with internet, cellular telephony, its usage and accessibility, the provided content, new services rendered in terms of communication, advertising and other.