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Music > Cyprus fails to qualify for Eurovision May 19, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Music Life.

Last night I wrote “strawberries – take a break”. I was in a need to “sweeten” my “bitterness” for Cyprus failing to qualify for Eurovision.

But then I said, politics. Yes, politics and politics it’s all about the issue and will explain why. Just read on an you will understand.

Cypriots and Greeks all over the world, were disappointed on Thursday night that Cyprus failed to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest final which will take place in Athens on Saturday.

In a tele-voting procedure, the semi-final for the 51st Eurovision Song Contest saw Cyprus voted out.

Cyprus’ entry was “Why Angels Cry”, performed by Annete Artani, who was in fact not Cypriot at all but a US citizen born of parents from Greece.

For Cypriots, the Eurovision Song Contest has a political dimension. Cypriots tend to give Greece the top 12 points and expect the same in return (but do not always get it), while Turkey is normally expected to give nothing to either Greece or Cyprus but sometimes does.

The ten countries of the semifinal that qualified on Thursday for Saturday’s final are: Russia, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia –Herzegovina, Lithuania, Ukraine, Ireland, Sweden, Turkey and Armenia.

And on top of that, CyBC (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation) was accused for discrimination over Turkish Cypriot candidate!

The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) yesterday refuted allegations it had acted unfairly when it pulled a Turkish Cypriot parliamentary candidate’s interview from its daily show, BIZ, at the last minute.

Nese Yiasin, a candidate for the United Democrats, was pulled from the Turkish Cypriot programme ‘Us’ after CyBC bosses decided her appearance would come across as preferential treatment.

Read the whole article at > http://www.cyprus-mail.com/news/main.php?id=25940&cat_id=1

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