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Music > The big night is tonight May 20, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Music Life.
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Tonight is the big night. Athens will be broadcasting to the world. The message is “Feel the rythm”. Tonight is the big night, the one we all have been expecting. The Eurovision Song Contest’s finals.

Athens for the last few days, is living days similar to those of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.


And that brings back sweet, very sweet memories. I had the luck and the honour to be one of the Athens Olympic Games volunteers. Great days! This morning was spent with friends chatting and enjoying “frappe” coffee in one of our local trendy spots. What I told my friends was that I wish time would turn back. Back to those days of summer 2004. Let me explain why.

During those days, I managed to attend the Olympic Games, the greatest sporting and cultural event of the world. Being in Athens for the Olympics and Paralympics was magical. The city was buzzing twenty-four hours a day. Cultural events and concerts were taking place everywhere. Museums and galleries were open even at night. Athletes, spectators, Greeks and citizens from all over the world had a wonderful time. Watching the athletes participate and compete was exciting. The atmosphere within the athletic venues was electrifying while the venues themselves were state of the art. Access to more sporting venues and facilities contributed not only to the further development of Greece as an athletic nation but also promoted physical activity and exercise participation of the general population.

The Olympics have transformed the whole city of Athens: new airport, new roads, new subway system, new tram along with improvement and expansion of the existing tourism facilities. Organising an event of such huge magnitude has equipped Greek people with valuable experience for the future.

Nowdays, the Eurovision Song Contest is just another event. Athens is hosting just another event. Although there is excitement and parties going on, it cannot be compared to the Olympic Games days. It has added nothing to the transformation of the city nor to its infrastructure. Museums and art galleries follow their typical opening hours. Shops did exactly the same. I miss all that juzz and fuzz! But it’s nice to see all those new faces from accross Europe, and not only, visiting Athens. It’s good to see visitors (I do not like the idea of calling them as “tourists”) with a map in their hands, walking around the city, taking pictures and stuff we all, including myself, do when we are new in a town, especially when we are visiting for the first time.

Good luck to all the Eurovision Song Contest participating countries. Good luck to our Anna Vissi and Greece. And a happy staying to our visitors. Do come back to see us again!