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Music > Eurovision porn sex monster (master?) May 22, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Music Life.
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Sex instead of singers on live TV!
A computer whiz had Eurovision chiefs in a spin when he switched songs for hardcore porn on a live TV screen.

The organizers of the song contest in Athens were left red-faced when the X-rated scenes appeared in the Olympic Sports Complex venue.

According to our source, it took broadcasters ERT (the Greek state TV) 10 minutes to shut down the sex scenes. And our source claimed there had been worries at one point over whether the rehearsal show (on May 19th) could be broadcast live.

Our source said: “At first, it was not known how this could have happened. We couldn’t allow this to happen when the show goes out for real. And there was even speculation that we may have had to show pre-recorded rehearsals.”

An investigation into the incident, which happened moments before the dress rehearsal was due to start, was launched immediately. And it didn’t take the organisers long to realise a computer onsite had been linked with the offensive screen. A Eurovision 2006 spokesman confirmed there had been an incident before the dress rehearsal. But he denied the host organisation’s systems had been hacked into and insisted it had been an isolated case. The spokesman explained the sex film had been showing at the media working area.

He also said: “A guy who was working for a company providing some services for the host organisation here was watching this thing. He knew that the computer he was on was connected to the screen and this material continued to show for a few minutes. The management of his company found out what he was doing and fired him, and that’s it. We are not talking about a transmission like you get with video cameras. It was coming from a computer which controls these big screens that we have here at the press working area. It was an independent computer connected to one of the screens. The man was fired and quite rightly so.”

He finally added: “Everyone’s focused on the dress rehearsals and the finals and everything will go according to the plan. This is something that happened and is in the past and resolved and not even discussed any more. We are busy enough as it is.”
Well, can you imagine what could possibly happen if the incident was done yesterday during the live broadcast worldwide? I can imagine but I don’t want to think about it, even as a joke. At least the show went excellent in all the way and Greece has shown the world how magnificent shows can produce and host. Afterall, we passed the test during the Summer 2004 Athens Olympic Games.