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Greek professor reveals the ‘secret’ of Hagia Sophia June 2, 2006

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The hideout recently opened at the Hagia Sophia Church in Istanbul (Constantinople) is the "secret sanctuary," where the Byzantine priest finished the mass on May 29, 1453 interrupted by the appearance of conqueror Mohamed, according to a 10-year research by world known Vienna University Greek professor, Polichronis Enepekidis.

The hideout came to light six months ago when the director of the Hagia Sophia Museum asked if there was a place still not opened and ordered to open the specific room whose door key was lost. The room proved to be Gasparo Fosati office, assigned by the Sultan to restore Hagia Sophia during the period 1847-1849.

Athens News Agency reports that all data collected by professor Enepekidis personal research and contained in the "Fosati File" prove that Gasparo Fosati had turned this room into his private office after instructions by his Greek friends and advisors. This hideout ?according to Greek legends after the conquest of Byzantium-was the place where the interrupted mass finished and the door closed to open again when the priest and the congregation will be Greeks again.

Professor Polichronis Enepekidis underlines that what is necessary now is the ethics of a great religion and the courage of a democratic government for this place to resume its initial role embracing the wishful thinking of simple people and not be turned into another tourist site.

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