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Media > Sparta magazine June 28, 2006

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Sparta: Discovering Ancient Sparta and Greek History

Sparta magazine, the only UK’s educational print periodical for ancient Sparta and Greek history, is on stands now.

Sparta (ISSN 1751-0007) magazine is a strictly educational periodical which derived from the free full-text electronic Journal entitled Sparta’s Journal (ISSN 1747-0005). It aims to provide detailed and original discussion on ancient Sparta’s archaeological and historical issues.

Today the print, and under subscription available Sparta magazine, provides quality of educational material. It informs and educates. It gives the opportunity to discover an ancient nation in a multilingual and multi-principal manner.

Sparta offers the opportunity to advance students, teachers, independent scholars and academics as well as artists and history lovers to publish their thoughts and studies in the most original approach.

The current issue (volume 2 no. 1 2006) has the following contents:

‘First beginnings’: Robert Montgomerie presents this introductory article outlining the origins of Ancient Sparta. Newcomers to Spartan and ancient Greek history will be able to use the article as a good starting point. Established students will find that “First beginnings” will provide an excellent source of reference for their studies.

‘Demaratus: Spartan king & exile’: The Spartan king Demaratus has always been seen as ‘dubious’ character in the events surrounding the Second Persian Wars. Paul Houston delves into Demaratus´ story according to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus. A new look into an old question & . The results are quite original and surprising.

‘Leonidas: Age of Death’: Leonidas, famous for his actions at the battle of Thermopylae in which he died. Surprising as it may seem, there has been a long term debate as regards to his age of death. Nikolaos Markoulakis uses both ancient and modern material in an effort to solve this question. An article that will benefit the serious student of Spartan history in ‘clearing-up’ an often disputed point in Spartan history.

‘The Spin on Sparta’: Jon. E. Martin, Author of “Shades of Artemis” presents this personal look at the changing attitude towards Sparta over the years. How has Sparta influenced the western world over the decades? What inspires people’s interest in Sparta? This and more is revealed in “The Spin on Sparta”.

‘Cleomenes: A controversial king’: This second article from Robert Montgomerie delves into the life and times of the Spartan king Cleomenes. Topics such as the Agoge and more are covered in this in-depth article about one of the more controversial Spartan kings. A first class article with first class research.

Visit the following URL for more information: http://www.markoulakispublications.org.uk/main/index.php?id=18

Visit the magazine’s website: http://www.sparta.markoulakispublications.org.uk/

Sparta is an informal community, established by the editorial board, the authors and subscribers.

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