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WiFi in Patmos: Wireless Apocalypse now! July 1, 2006

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Patmos became the first Greek island with a WiFi hotspot network.

At the eastern end of the Aegean, in the Dodecanese, small and pious Patmos, the island where St. John was inspired and wrote the Book of the Apocalypse, has become the country’s high tech pioneer. The island is host to the country’s first wireless hotspot network for fast access to the internet.

The network of Patmos was financed and organized by the world famous Greek founder of the Massachussetts Institute of Technology Media Lab Nicholas Negroponte, through his 2B1 foundation. The installation involved a team of MIT educators and technicians.

The network is based on the 802.11, or WiFi, technology. Conventional 802.11 networks transmit up to a range of 300 ft (100 m) but the Patmos installation, using a network of antennas and special software, covers more than 11 miles (18 km).

Patmians and visitors today access the internet at speeds up to 100 times faster than through usual modems. During the 2004-05 school year, professors and students of the local high school, as well as the hospital and public offices of surrounding islands have been surfing the web at no cost.

To access the Patmos wireless network you need only a WiFi-ready laptop. No extra security software is required beyond what is available through the MS Windows 2000 or XP operating systems, or the MacOS 10.2 and above.

Your laptop should be able to identify the local wireless network. If not, then set the SSID network locator at “hotspot” (no quotation marks), as described in your wireless card manual. When you “see” the network, just sign in using the username and password obtained through the local network office and surf the internet for free.


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