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Greece is in the World’s top fifteen destinations July 5, 2006

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Greece Is in the World’s Top Fifteen Destinations and Attracts 15 Million People a Year
Research and Markets has announced the addition of Travel & Tourism International – Profile of Greece to their offering.

In terms of tourism arrivals, Greece consistently ranks among the top fifteen destinations in the world, attracting some 15 million international travellers annually. While, the travel industry is increasingly facing stiff competition from other sun, sea and sand destinations in the region, especially Turkey, Athens has become a hot new destination (especially for city breaks), largely because of its greatly improved infrastructure, the upgrading of hotels and the expansion of the Metro.

The largest number of international travellers to Greece come from the UK, Germany and Scandinavia, accounting for over 6 million arrivals annually. The majority of Greeks holiday within their own country. In 2002, almost 4 million Greeks took a holiday at home, compared to the 400,000 or so travellers who took a holiday abroad.

This country profile report is part of the Travel and Tourism International subscription. This series provides quarterly tourism profiles of destination countries. Each quarterly issue features six profiles, all providing a cross-section of countries either established or emerging as tourism destinations.

Vital to industry professionals who must accurately evaluate a country’s tourism prospects and capacity, each report pools together the most relevant market-based information and analysis.

The reports are compiled by a global network of industry analysts who provide market-based information as well as detailed, insightful and localised interpretation of facts and figures. Covering 24 individual tourism destinations over a 12 month period, each report provides an overview of a country’s:

— Attractions

— Tourism infrastructure in the context of its overall economy

— Arrival trends

— Market characteristics

— Accommodation capacity

— Transport links

— Tourism outlook.

Topics Covered




Data Sources

The Rebirth of Athens

Niche Markets

Tourism and the Economy

Figure 1: Greece – workforce and unemployment rates, 2004

Tourism and the 2004 Olympics

International Arrivals

Figure 2: Greece – international arrivals, 1999-2003*

Figure 3: Greece – arrivals from Albania and Bulgaria, 1998-2002*

Figure 4: Greece – leading European countries/regions of origin of inbound travellers to Greece, 1998-2002*

Market Characteristics

Length of stay


Domestic and Outbound Travel

Figure 5: Greece – number of trips, domestic and international, (four nights or longer), 2002*

Figure 6: Greece – leading destinations for outbound travellers (four nights or longer), 2002*

Tourism Revenues and Expenditures

Figure 7: Greece – international tourism balance, (EUR m), 1999-2003*




Figure 8: Greece – cruise passsengers by port of entry, 2002-03

Road improvements and the Athens Metro


Figure 9: Greece – accommodation growth in the number of rooms, 1996-2003* Conventions and the MICE market

Promotion of Tourism


For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c32621

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