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Island Hopping – Cycladic Islands July 6, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Greece Islands Aegean.

Serifos-Sifnos-Milos or vice versa

This tour commences in either Serifos or Milos in the Cyclades and takes you on a journey around 3 of Greece’s most interesting islands.

Serifos is a well-developed Cycladic island that retains a great amount of traditional charm. The island is  famous for its charming island-style villages and striking landscape of unusual rocky formations. It has a rich and long history; according to mythology, the island Serifos was inhabited by the Cyclops, who are said to have built several of the monuments on the island, such as the White Tower and the Walls of Liomandras. Serifos’ close proximity to Athens (just 2.5 hours from Piraeus port) makes it a splendid holiday spot.  What astonishes visitors is that Serifos has a coastline that stretches for 81kms, 12kms of which are white sandy beaches, great for any beach lover.

Sifnos, the island of Apollo, is quite verdant, full of olive trees which, along with the glimmering churches and chapels, the deep blue and torquoise sea, white-washed houses with colourful windows and wooden balconies, creating a beautiful scenery.  Take your time and explore some of the many lovely villages and beaches scattered around the island.

Milos is unique for its astonishing lunar landscape, with unbelievable and imposing rocky formations coloured in deep red, brown or glimmering white. Fantastic hills and rocks emerge from a turquoise sea, bordered by sandy beaches. Villages and small towns are charming and worth a visit.

You may like to to continue on to other Cyclades Islands.

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