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‘Lysistrata’ brings its sexy spice July 7, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Hellenic Light Americas.

Audiences attending the University of Florida’s production of “Lysistrata” are greeted by an interesting set that suggests the stonework and pillars of the Acropolis.

In case anyone is still in the dark as to the location, the words “The Acropolis” appear across the front of the portico that is center stage and from which emerges the title character, delightfully portrayed by the multi-talented Meg Loftus in ‘Lysistrata’ brings its sexy spice

Her first line, “Where the expletive are the women,” makes it clear that this adaptation of Aristophanes’ nearly 2,500-year-old comedy is not going to be an exercise in subtlety. In fact, this version is more “Deadwood” than Aristophanes. Perhaps it should be.

When the play was first staged, the male characters reportedly wore phalluses and the humor was anything but polite. That spirit has been preserved and delightfully flaunted in this current and encore production, directed by UF professor Judith Williams.

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