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The faceless muse July 7, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Hellenic Light Americas.

The faceless muse in the mural representing Hutchins Street Square has some in the Lodi community abuzz about why she was not finished. The mural, located on Church Street on the north side of the Fitness Pro at Pine Street, is slated to be finished by one of the Wall Dogs artists by the end of the month. But What’s wrong with this picture?

She’s one of 22 ancient Greeks depicted in one of the most elaborate of the nine Wall Dogs murals in Lodi, and her mural is still unfinished, leaving the woman faceless. The painting is located near the intersection of Church and Pine streets, on the side of the Fitness Pro gym, where Anderson works.

The Wall Dogs, a group painters from all over the country, give cities a facelift by creating murals in a particular city every year. Murals often depict the town’s history.

Read the story, view the faceless muse’s pictures > Click above link.

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