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Avocado and smoked salmon phyllo tower July 25, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Food Recipes.

Avocado and smoked salmon phyllo tower

Serves 4

50g Avocado diced
50g ripe tomatoes diced
10g chopped fresh basil
100g mayonnaise
50ml lemon juice
200g smoked salmon cut in thin strips
10g chopped dill
12x8cm baked phyllo sheets (round shape and brushed with butter before baking)
4 smoked salmon roses
garden greens

Mix avocado and tomato with half of mayonnaise. Add chopped basil and half of lemon juice.

In a second bowl, mix smoked salmon and chopped dill with the other half of the mayonnaise and lemon juice.

Place one of the phyllo sheets on a plate. Top with avocado mixture and cover with a second sheet of baked phyllo. Top with the smoked salmon mixture and cover again with the third baked phyllo.

Place another layer of phyllo and place the smoked salmon rose and garnish with garden greens.

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