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The Legacy of the Athens Olympics August 1, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Athens 2004 Olympics.

August 13th, 2004.

It was a Friday and it was the 13th day of the month.

In Athens.

In Greece.

It was the day when the whole of the Greek Nation Welcomed the World to the 2004 Athens Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

It was the date when, we, the modern Greeks Welcomed the Olympics Back Home.

The Editor of this blog, had the honor to serve the noble Olympic Ideal, by being one of the thousands Olympic Games Volunteers. Along with thousands of Greeks, young and old, all united under one scope, has served his Nation and carries much proud for this.

2004 – 2006. Two years since then.

The legacy of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games is literally “heavy”. Not only financially, but in many other ways. We have seen Greece and Athens, drastically changing for the better. We hope and look forward to a better quality of life. To a better future. Many things have been accomplished. Still many other have to be coped with.

In order to commemorate those wonderful days, we all, Greeks and the World, lived together back in 2004, HomeboyMediaNews and its Editor, will be digging deep into their personal archives and will be bringing back to light articles related to the Athens 2004 Games. All such articles are dated back to the year 2004, so we will not edit them but leave them in their original text. Posting will be done at random, thus it will be a mix of articles, however we shall do our best to keep them in an order.

For this reason, we shall be filing them under a NEW blog category, titled “ATHENS 2004”. Join us in celebrating again!

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