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Music > Full refunds for Stones tickets after pressure September 4, 2006

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Canceled gig’s promoter announces total rebate

Previously withheld, a box-office charge has now been included in the refund for tickets of the canceled Rolling Stones show in Athens, the event’s organizer announced. Responding to persistent pressure, on the part of both local media and agitated fans, the organizer of the canceled Rolling Stones show in Athens has announced that full refunds are now being provided for the veteran band’s highly anticipated show which never made it to the Greek capital.

Disappointed by the legendary band’s cancellation of a performance scheduled for June 25 – one of several European dates that was scrapped after an injury was sustained by guitarist Keith Richards – fans were further set back when a percentage of the ticket price, amounting to the box-office charge, was withheld from their refunds.

Didi Music, the event’s organizer, released a statement late last week (August 22) saying that the box-office charge was now being included in the refund program. It had been withheld initially, the promoter contended, because the ticketing agency, a foreign-based firm, refused to return revenues generated for a service that had already been provided.

In its statement, Didi noted that it had defied the international ticketing business’s practice of not refunding box office charges to ticket holders. Tickets, one should remember, were selling for between 78 and 297 euros.

The dispute prompted government officials as well as consumer protection groups to step in and condemn the organizer. Also, groups of disappointed ticket holders threatened to join forces and take legal action against the concert’s organizer.

In response, Didi Music responded by saying that it was doing its utmost to fully compensate the concert-going public, which it noted has been a loyal supporter of its business activities. It has been reported that nearly 45,000 tickets were snapped up by eager fans in the months preceding the concert’s cancellation.

Didi Music, organizer of the annual Rockwave Festival over the past decade, an event that has attracted major international acts, among them Iggy Pop, Portishead, REM, Patti Smith, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, ranks as one of the country’s biggest concert promoters.


Movies > Greece: Secrets of the Past September 4, 2006

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Genre: Documentary
Cast: Christos Sourmelis
Director: Greg MacGillivray

“Greece: Secrets of the Past” is a modern day detective story that transports audiences back in time to the Golden Age of ancient Greece and the birthplace of Western Civilization. A sweeping archeological journey to the past, the films sets out to uncover the buried secrets of one of the world’s most enlightened societies that for 100 years between 500 BC and 400 BC became the center of human thought and creativity and laid many of the foundations for the way we live today.

St Louis Science Center OMNIMAX, 10:00 AM 12:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM

St Louis Science Center OMNIMAX
5050 Oakland Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110, (800)456-SLSC

Life and times of Skopelos in photographs September 4, 2006

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“Portraits of an Island” a photography exhibition by Sade Kahra, Stratos Kalafatis and Esteban Pastorino Diaz, is on display at the new gym and primary school on the island of Skopelos until September 7.

The exhibition is a production of the Skopelos Photography Center in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Photography Museum.

Kahra took photographs of Skopelos tourists who hang out at beaches, bars and clubs amid the backdrop of the island’s distinctive geography.

In his series “Calendar 1998-2002” Kalafatis presents photographs in which objects, faces and places are fused with autobiographical elements.

His work highlights the fluidity of people’s memory. He underscores this characteristic by occasionally blurring his works and dabbing them with movements of color.

Diaz photographed the landscapes and places on Skopelos his own way.

He used a kite to lift his camera into the sky, giving him a viewpoint to depict the island from heavenly heights.

In those photographs, Skopelos looks like a model island. The buildings, the cars and the places look like toys and lose their imposing qualities.

Another photography exhibition, titled “The Photographic Portrait” is also on display at the same time on the island.

Getty Museum returns ancient sculptures September 4, 2006

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thassosrelief.jpg  A sixth-century B.C. votive relief depicting worshippers approaching an enthroned goddess in her temple is displayed at the archeological museum of Athens Thursday, Aug. 31, 2006, after the J. Paul Getty Museum signed over to Greece ownership of two ancient artifacts. The private museum in Los Angeles agreed in July to return the two sculptures following intense pressure from Greece, which says they were illegally spirited out of the country. 

Greece vowed last Thursday to reclaim the country’s plundered heritage after two sculptures were returned by the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Culture Minister Giorgos Voulgarakis said their return was important “symbolically and practically.”

“The days when foreign museums and private collectors were able to buy undocumented antiquities are over,” he said at the National Archaeological Museum.

In July, the private U.S. museum agreed to return the two sculptures dating to the sixth and fourth centuries B.C. after intense pressure from Greece, which maintained they were illegally spirited out of the country. One sculpture is a marble relief from the northern island of Thassos. The second is a black stone tombstone thought to have been illegally dug up in the 1990s near Thebes.

Voulgarakis said Greece will seek the return of “every ancient Greek artifact for which we have evidence that it was illegally excavated or trafficked.”

The two works returned from the Getty are a marble relief from the northern island of Thassos and a black stone tombstone thought to have been illegally dug up in the 1990s near Thebes – an antiquities-rich town some 56 miles northwest of Athens.

The Thassos relief, which depicts two women offering gifts to a seated goddess, was found by French archaeologists about 100 years ago and stolen from a storeroom. The Getty bought it in 1955.

The tombstone, incised with the figure of a young warrior named Athanias, was acquired by the Getty in the early 1990s.

Both will eventually be displayed at museums in Thebes and Thassos.

Rhodes aims to become 2018 Europe’s Cultural Capital September 4, 2006

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The campaign to have Rhodes elected Cultural Capital of Europe for 2018 has got off to a remarkably early and effective start.

By the time Rhodes Mayor Giorgos Yiannopoulos announced the campaign to the press at the Benaki Museum on Wednesday, hundreds of artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians and politicians had already signed on to offer their support.

Why so early? Rhodes has taken its cue from Cordoba, which began laying its successful claim to be 2016 Cultural Capital 13 years in advance.

“This is an opportunity to upgrade the city of Rhodes,” said Yiannopoulos, “and a reason to redefine priorities so as to make culture the focal point of public discourse.” The initiative will take time to pay off but it is an opportunity to adopt a fresh perspective.

“It is a beautiful journey that we are beginning,” he said. “We wish to share our excitement with you.”

The idea is not only to have Rhodes named cultural capital but also to start a broader dialogue on culture.

With its long history, fabulous architectural heritage and ample experience in hosting international events, Rhodes is ideally suited to be Cultural Capital, according to an informal support committee set up through the network of cultural institutions based on Rhodes, including the Ecofilms Festival, the International Writers’ and Translators’ Center of Rhodes, and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rhodes.

The website www.rodosculturalcapital.org will operate as an open forum of ideas and suggestions, to which all are invited to contribute. As Lucia Rikaki, artistic director of Ecofilms pointed out, the world of culture is undergoing constant change, and the dialogue instigated and hosted by Rhodes on the Internet and at meetings of artists from all over the world will challenge thinking and be part of that process of change.

Patras city in Peloponnese is currently this years’ Europe’s Cultural Capital. For additional information please visit > http://patras2006.gr/en/

Cavafy-inspired production returns to Athens from tour September 4, 2006

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“In the Month of Athyr” is inspired by the inscriptions at Kerameikos.
The Roes Dance Theater production of “In the Month of Athyr”, a performance inspired by C.P. Cavafy’s poem of the same title, is returning to Athens after a summer touring the country’s biggest festivals. Starting tonight and running until Thursday, the production will be on stage at the atrium of the Benaki Museum’s 138 Pireos wing.

Images of life imprinted on ancient monuments and seen in funerary inscriptions and other depictions at the ancient cemetery of Kerameikos inspired Sofia Spyratou to choreograph and direct “In the Month of Athyr” (the month of love and death), which features original music by singer/songwriter Alkinoos Ioannidis.

The performance is structured along the lines of an ancient tragedy, with choral lamentations, funerary processions, the recitation of inscriptions (translated into modern Greek) and dance scenes that have drawn their themes and movements from depictions on ancient vases, while Ioannidis’s score will be performed by the City of Athens’s Contemporary Music Ensemble.

The poetic texts were edited by Christos Boulotis, who is also responsible for the translations into Modern Greek, while the sets and costumes are designed by Constantinos Zamanis. The dancers are Dimitris Ferras, Michalis Pappas, Gina Kalantzi and Evi Hadzaki, among others.

For information and bookings, tel 210 3671057, 210 3453111. Performances begin at 9.30 p.m.

Puppet theater figure Karaghiozis to get his own museum September 4, 2006

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Diamond-in-the-rough Karaghiozis and his family and friends have entertained many generations of Greeks.

Karaghiozis, the historical shadow puppet character that has entertained generations of Greeks with his antics and served as a poignant vehicle of social and political satire over the decades, is finally acquiring a permanent home for himself, his family and friends. The Haridimos Shadow Theater Workshop and Museum will be inaugurated tomorrow at 8.30 p.m. at the Melina Cultural Center (66 Irakleidon & Thessalonikis street, Thiseion, Athens), comprising material donated by the Haridimos family, a popular troupe of Karaghiozis performers.

The museum brings together some 900 displays – characters and sets designed by Christos, Giorgos and Sotiris Haridimos – as well as the work of students who participated in the City of Athens’s workshops on shadow puppet making at the Aghios Thomas Cultural Center.

The material comprising the exhibition traces the history of shadow puppet and set design from 1925 to 1980, presenting the different materials used over time and the techniques applied by different masters.

The exhibition is complemented by a shadow theater stage where performances are to be held regularly throughout the year.

For detailed information, tel 210 3452150.