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Altis, Greek extra virgin olive oil wins award September 14, 2006

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Altis, the only Greek extra virgin olive oil awarded with two stars by the Superior Taste Award, will be present at the SIAL Paris 2006

“Altis” comes from Greece and -last Spring- it was the only Greek extra virgin olive oil that was awarded with two stars, by the “Superior Taste Award” Contest, conducted in Brussels.

Greece is one of the three largest olive oil producing countries in the world. It is, however, the only one with a production of extra virgin olive oil that tops 70%.

Eventhough Greeks have the highest olive oil consumption worldwide -16 to 20 kilos per capita annually- they can still export large quantities. In fact, Greece is one of the largest exporters of extra virgin olive oil. Most exports are meant for other olive oil producing countries in the Mediterrranean, which use Greek olive oil in their blends, in order to improve the quality and taste of olive oils they standardize. So, it is possible that one has had the benefit of Greek olive oil, even if he has never bought a Greek brand.

In case somebody wants to be sure that he consumes a 100% Greek extra virgin olive oil, he has to try Altis, the leading brand in Greece. Altis olive oil, carries the name of the ancient olive plantation, from which the chaplet awarded to the Olympic games champions was cut. Altis extra virgin oilive oil derives from every year’s best harvest and is a top quality product, adding great taste to everyday salads and meals.

Suceeding in combining all nutritional benefits, the full taste and aroma of freshly picked olives along with an “essence” of the ancient philosophy, Altis is sold all over Greece, as well as in European countries, Australia and North America.

The people of Elais-Unilever S.A., who produce Altis, have a deep knowledge about olive oil, a product which they love and care for. They know how to distinguish good olive oil from very early on. They watch the olive pressing in the most important olive oil producing areas of the country and they only select the varieties that steadily give the Altis olive oil its rich taste profile.

Altis is also the brand name of the best olive selections in Greece, in four varieties: Kalamata, black, green and stuffed olives.

Elais-Unilever S.A. holds the most certifications from internationally recognized organizations, having secured the quality of its products with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TPM, HACCP/ELOT 1416, OHSAS 18001.

Web: http://www.elais.gr

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