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Residences with a signature September 18, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Architecture Greece.

The competition was interesting, both because it is rare for one to be held in Greece for a housing complex and also because it had to do with Metaxourgeio, an emerging area in the capital that has seen a lot of construction activity in recent years.

A recent architectural competition, the results of which the public will be able to see soon, was unprecedented for two reasons. First, it was launched by a private construction company and, second, it was for a study on a group of residences and shops in the area of Metaxourgeio. Housing complexes are rarely the object of a competition for tender in Greece.

The competition was launched by the GEK SA construction company and Domes architectural magazine. The 102 studies that were produced will go on display at the new wing of the Benaki Museum on Pireos Street for four days, Wednesday to September 24, in an exhibition jointly organized by GEK, Domes and the museum’s Archives of Modern Greek Architecture.

The exhibition coincides with the recent announcement that the project that won third place will be the one to be implemented instead of the one that came in first. The company apparently preferred to use the study by Georgia Daskalaki and Ioannis Papadopoulos, though Katerina Tsigarida was the architect to win first place (read our entry/post on this subject Suburban digs for devoted urbanites dated August 12th, 2006).

The exhibition will feature a wide range of projects, from modern realistic plans to radical compositions which project ideas for a future life in the city center. About 400 boards of sketches and 100 models are to go on display.

Benaki Museum’s New Wing, 138 Pireos & Andronikou street, tel 210 3453111.

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