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Lipsi > the island mass tourism forgot: If you go September 27, 2006

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If you go >

Getting there: Olympic Airways has daily flights from Athens to Samos. From Samos, take a short cab ride to the port at Pythagorio. Depending on the season, one or two hydrofoils a day go to Lipsi for about 15 euro one way. Car ferries from other islands in the Dodecanese leave for Lipsi Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Check travel agents for schedule changes. Hydrofoil reservations are recommended only in July and August.

Where to stay: Hotel Calypso is a three-star hotel opposite the ferry dock with doubles for about 25 euro and singles for about 20 euro in May and June. In July and August, they are about 45 euro and 35 euro respectively.

The other three-star hotel, Hotel Aphrodite, above the sandy town beach, has doubles for about 50 euro and 65 euro but no singles.

Studios Anna, www.greeklodgings.gr, is on a hill above the village. It has fully equipped kitchens and refrigerators in singles for doubles, both priced at about 20 euro in May, 25 euro in June, 30 euro in July and 45 euro in August.

Almost next door, Studios Kalymnos, www.lipsi-island.gr, has doubles only for about 28 euro in May, 32 euro in June and 38 euro in July and August. Reservations are recommended only in July and August.

Getting around: One bus leaves from the harbor on the hour every hour and traverses the few roads on the island. You can find the island’s two taxis parked near the harbor with the drivers not far away.

When to go: May, June and September are ideal. Avoid July and August. These are the Europeans’ vacation months, and they swarm all over Greece with many spilling onto Lipsi. The Italians have discovered the island and locals say they hear more Italian than Greek in late summer.

More information: Greek National Tourism Organization, www.gnto.gr

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