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In search of a wedding donkey September 29, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Greek Diaspora.

Family Restaurant returns for second season in search of wedding donkey

The Food Network’s reality series Family Restaurant focuses on the joys and trials of running such a business. But as the show begins its second season Monday, it’s all about the donkey.

“The donkey was a problem.”

Family Restaurant follows the adventures of the four Psalioses – Yianni, wife Kally, daughter Dina and son Theo – and their significant others as they live amidst the chaos and laughter of home and the string of Greek restaurants they own in Edmonton.

For his only daughter, Yianni insists on a traditional Greek wedding in the Cypriot village of his birth. This involves hiring musicians, caterers, etc. – for two or three days of celebrations, and for up to 4,000 guests.

“Yes, we really did have three or four thousand guests,” sighs Kally.

And that was the easy part.

Greek Cypriot tradition stipulates the groom should ride to the church on a flower-bedecked donkey. However, no marriage in Yianni’s village had followed this tradition in 30 years, and rental donkeys, flower-bedecked or otherwise, were in short supply.

Tune in to find out how things work out. Suffice to say that the St. Denis-Psalios wedding made Cyprus’s national news.

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