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Nicosia > A City That Waits September 30, 2006

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Nicosia > History of Nicosia

Nicosia 1974
The Turkish Invasion 1974

A coup d’ Etat on the 15th July 1974 against the lawful Cypriot government provided a pretext for Turkey to invade the island on 20th July and and promote her expansionist plans.

Ankara attempted to present the invasion as a socalled peaceful operation aiming at restoring constitutional order and protecting the Turkish Cypriot community. However, even after the restoration of constitutional order and the return of Archbishop Makarios III to in December 1974, the Turkish troops remained on the island promoting Turkey’s plans against Cyprus.

On 14th August 1974, the second phase of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus began which led to the following tragic consequences:

(a)  37% of Cypriot territory is under occupation despite repeated UN and other International Resolutions for the respect of independence and territorial sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus.

(b)  Five thousand Greek Cypriots were killed, 180,000 lost their homes and became displaced and 1619 are still missing.

Since 1974 the people of Cyprus have been experiencing the tragedy of a divided country, with the Green Line cutting in two the heart of the capital city Nicosia and crushing the dreams of its inhabitants

A City That Waits

In spite of the current division, the people of Nicosia hope that one day the city will be reunited and they look forward to Cyprus’ accession to the European Union.[1] Nicosia is a growing city. Nicosians are actively engaged in trade and other profitable professions and the Nicosia Municipality, a series of large infrastructure projects, is modernising the city in order that it will a worthy capital of the Republic of Cyprus when it joins the European Union. [2]

Our city must be seen from a distance With virgin eyes, with the eyes of, say, a Traveler beholding the first time she appears to have just emerged detaching herself from mountain Pentadaktylos that provides her with a cerulean backdrop to north.

Ancient is the city of Nicosia, yet her later history tightly interwoven among the years of the Franks, the years of the Turks and of the British and of course the years of our own generation

In our times she remains the last divided city of Europe, sliced in two by the “Green Line” disrupting its cohesion, its continuity. The tragedy of this country’s occupation it tangible throughout the areas of the “Green Line”.

But time move on… Elsewhere, the Berlin Wall and other artificial dividing lines have crumbled. This too is Nicosia’s hope for tomorrow. For man- made lines to dissolve, for our city to once more discover her complete face.

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Editor’s Notes [1], [2] > The Republic of Cyprus is an official member of the European Union since May 1st 2004.

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