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Celebrity golfers at the Aphrodite Hills October 1, 2006

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Jasper Carrot, Sir Henry Cooper, Russ Abbot, Allen Wells, disc jockey Ed Stewart and world Champion Darts player Bob Anderson, in the company of several other TV stars and sports personalities, all came together this weekend to grace the greens at the Aphrodite Hills golf course.

Thomas Cook travel and the CTO, in association with The Variety Club, successfully organised what will hopefully become an annual celebrity event, the main aim of which is to raise money to help children with special needs.

With so many comedians dedicated to playing the game, Jasper Carrot was asked if he felt the game was in any way amusing or was it just the wearing of dodgy pink diamond patterned jumpers and yellow shorts that got all the laughs.

“I’ve never been heavily into the ‘couture’ side of the game, I enjoy playing golf for the game’s sheer charm, something that I find other sports just don’t offer.
“I’m also quite fascinated by the whole language of the game, words like eagle, birdie, and bogey all used to describe different actions on the course.

“Then there’s the almost unique honour system that exists. Few, if any, sports these days have this essential element. Nowadays it’s all about money and winning at any cost, that’s not part of the game of golf.

“That said it’s a game that does manage to reveal a person’s true character and that’s not something you can say about many other sports. It tests you in so many different ways, one day you feel everything is going brilliantly, so well indeed, that you feel that you could even take on Tiger Woods, the next morning it’s a total disaster area, but, like all golfers we do keep on going out there on the quest for that ever elusive perfect score.”

Russ Abbot, another highly talented actor/comedian is also hooked on the game, and for the same reasons. “ It’s also a sport that has no age limit so you can still wander out there on the greens until you’re 90. It’s truly a great pastime, it’s great therapy as well, because when you are playing you do manage to block out everything else that’s going on in your life.

“The other great thing about playing and enjoying ourselves here in Cyprus is the added bonus of being in the position to raise much needed funds for sick and needy children, so it’s a double pleasure to be here and hopefully it wont be long before I return. as I’d really like to spend more time here. What I’ve seen so far I do like’.

This was Jasper Carrot’s second visit to Cyprus. His first was over 30 years ago when he appeared at Curium. “Now that was one memorable experience. I have never forgotten the feeling of standing there in the open air with the sea behind me, a packed house, and thinking about all the other performers way back through the centuries who had also stood in the exact same spot waiting to perform. That was quite a moment.”

One’s left to wish that Aphrodite Hills had hidden microphones at every hole around the golf course. Then we could all have been privy to some of the best one liners uttered by such a grand group of fun-filled and totally generous golfers.

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