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Letter from your Editor > October ’06 October 7, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Editorial.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to this month’s editorial!

Communicating our news let me take you back to our August 06 editorial. In that short letter, I have talked about re-vamping our HomeboyMediaNews blog and getting ready for our Fall’s (and of course the Christmas) new edition.

Well, it’s now the right timing to do those few changes and to go ahead with what I have planned in re-designing this blog. As it may be possible that during those changes you will be affected while browsing our different entry categories and pages, I apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may be causing to you.

HomeboyMediaNews is building for the future and as such I rely on your kind understanding and appreciation.

Have you noticed our “Latest Top Posts” widget?

This new feature, thanks to the wonderful wordpress.com’s people, finds our posts with the most visits in the last two days and links to them in our sidebar. It’s a pretty usefull widget since you can always read those most-read posts from our blog and keep yourself updated with important articles.

Our stats are always imroving!

If you check our updated entries (posted under this Editorial category) where we talk about our stats, you will notice that HMN is always improving its ranking with Technorati. Our Google’s ranking with PageRank remains same (at 6th out of 10). Improving are also our ClusterMaps’ statistics as well as our unique visitors and page views, compiled by our SiteMeter’s stats.

With that in mind, HMN is striving to provide you with the latest news, happenings and events from Greece and Cyprus.

Stay tuned with us as more developments are to be unvailed soon! In the meantime, do have a great time!

HomeboyMediaNews | Athens

UPDATE > October 7th, 2006

Have you noticed our two NEW pages? HMN in the News and HMN Magazine! More to come soon!

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