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Driver, fasten your seat belt! October 8, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Transport Air Sea Land.

Greek traffic law changed

Under the new traffic law, drivers not wearing a seat-belt will now be subject to a €350 fine, whereas currently the fine is only €83. The driver may also lose their license for 10 days. Any driver caught running a red light will be fined €700, this is a massive increase from the currently €167 fine.

Bus lanes will also be policed more strictly with car drivers facing heavy fines for driving in the bus lanes. To help the police with the new fine system, pocket cards will be issued with details of the new fines.

Although controversial it is hoped that the new measures and penalty system will help cut down traffic accidents, as Greece currently has one of the worst road accident rates in Europe. The new fines as well as the stricter dedication of bus lanes only being used by city buses aims to make public transport a more attractive alternative.

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