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Greek Festival > your next best thing October 15, 2006

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Visitors enjoyed the swift strumming of bouzouki, a string instrument, and the Greek music

The 43-year-old St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church festival offers visitors a chance to experience many traditional sights and sounds of Greece.

A truckload of pastries was sold in the first two days and more than 2,500 Greek meals and gyro sandwiches had been served. Greek beer and wine was flowing and hundreds of bottles of Retsina, a traditional wine stored in pine barrels for flavoring, were sold.

Aside the church’s open tent, people feasted while watching the embroidery-embellished Hellenic Dancers’ “Vlahika” folk dance and the 10-step circle dance “Kalamatiano”, that demands “polish and sophistication”.  Members of the dance troupe performed daylong, on stage and snaking hand-in-hand through the entertainment and dining tent.

Where > St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church; 502 S. Chaparral St.
Time > Noon to 5 p.m. today (Sunday) Cost > free

Greek dinner >
Souvlaki > Skewered tenderloin cubes
Tiropitaki > Cheese-filled pastry
Dolmades > Ground meat and rice stuffed in grape leaves
Greek salad
Pita bread
Orzo > Greek pasta

Side Dishes >
Gyro > $5
Souvlaki > $6
Dolmades > 3 for $2
Tiropitaki > $2
Orzo > $2
Greek salad > $2

Pastries >
Baklava > $2
Kourambiedes > $1
Koulouria > $5/dozen
Amigdalota > $2

Source: St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

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