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Benaki hosts conference on Roman Athens October 18, 2006

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The Roman era’s impact on everyday public and private life in Athens will be the focus of a three-day international archaeological conference from tomorrow to Saturday at the Benaki Museum in the Greek capital.

The event’s theme will be supported by presentations of new discoveries and evidence from recent excavations by Greek and visiting archaeologists. Athens’s urban structure will be examined, as will developments in artistic production in domains such as sculpture, ceramics, and architecture during the Roman era.

The conference will open with the talk «Athens in the Early Imperial Period – a Plan of Emperor Augustus?» to be presented by Ortwin Dally. It will be followed by a two-part session on the Library of Hadrian with presentations of archaeological evidence and architecture from Alkistis Choremi and Ioanna Tigginaga.

The latest findings from the Roman Forum will be the focus of a presentation by Dimitris Sourlas, also on opening day. Polyxeni Bouyia will talk on «Late Roman Sanctuaries of the Mother of the Gods in Athenian Building Complexes.» This will be followed by a presentation on the topic «Urban Planning in the South Part of the Ancient City of Athens during Roman Times» by Stamatia Eleftheratou. Also on opening day, to run between 9.30 a.m. and 7.40 p.m., Nicoletta Saraga will present «A Roman Building with a Grain-processing Installation» and Ismini Trianti will discuss «Eastern Gods from the South Slopes of the Acropolis.»

Europe nears milestone in shopping mall area October 18, 2006

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Shopping center space in Europe is set to grow beyond 100 million square meters next year, a near-doubling of total capacity since 1997, but still has plenty of room to expand, a property specialist said recently.

“Some parts of Europe, notably in the east, still have little stock of modern retail space, while some of the stock in more mature Western Europe markets is not fit for purpose and in need of redevelopment,” said Yvonne Court, head of retail research at property services firm Cushman & Wakefield.

In an earlier statement, Cushman & Wakefield said a record 7.5 million square meters of extra shopping mall was expected to open in Europe in 2007, after a 4.3-million-square-meter addition in the second half of 2006.

That would take the total amount of shopping mall space in Europe to almost 107 million square meters by the end of next year, compared with 562 million square meters of shopping center space in the United States, according to a 2005 survey by CoStar/NRB.

Russia and Poland were expected to account for more than a 10th each of the expected new floor space in Europe in 2006-07, excluding extensions, followed by Italy, Spain, and Germany, Cushman said.

Cushman’s data showed Britain was the region’s biggest shopping mall market with a total 14.1 million square meters of space, followed by Western Europe’s other big economies, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

But the results told a markedly different story on a per capita basis, with the relatively regulated markets of Germany and Italy falling short of the European Union average.

At 152 and 141 square meters, Europe’s biggest and fourth-biggest economies have a gross leasable shopping center area (GLA) per 1,000 of the population below that of Latvia and Estonia, or around half that of Austria and the Netherlands.

Germany for example only had one out-of-town shopping center, Centro at Oberhausen, near Dusseldorf, Court said.

Greece and Belgium, two other members of the eurozone, have even less GLA/1,000 people, at 37 square meters and 92 square meters respectively, Cushman data showed.

As planning regulations eased, more and more West European countries were seen replacing obsolete city-center retail property with bigger, more integrated developments that might encourage greater consumer spending and counter the challenge of online retailing, Court said.

Greece set for liftoff to space October 18, 2006

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Greek scientists are joining other European experts in preparing the European Space Agency’s (ESA) planned launch in 2015 of a satellite expected to probe the innermost regions of the solar system, it was revealed yesterday.

A Solar Orbiter will be reach one-fifth of the distance between the Earth to the sun in order to gather groundbreaking data, Greece’s ESA representative Kanaris Tsiganos  said at an Athens hotel where European scientists were discussing the intended journey.

“We will reach a point that no one has reached before where sunlight is 25 times stronger than we feel it on Earth,” said Tsiganos, who is a professor of astrophysics at Athens University.

The Solar Orbiter mission has attracted the interest, and possibly the funding, of US space agency NASA, which is planning to put four satellites into orbit around the sun in 2015. “NASA is interested in participating in the Solar Orbiter mission,” NASA adviser and chief of the US Navy’s space research unit Spyros Antiochos said. “The cost of the mission exceeds 500 million euros so we are examining the possibility of a US-European cooperation,” he said.

According to ESA experts, the unmanned mission will make use of the latest technology, including intensive heat-proofing for all instruments and equipment such as telescopes that are 15 times more powerful than those used to date.

These instruments will help scientists investigate the dynamics of solar wind, the sun’s magnetic field and the way in which all this affects the Earth and the satellites surrounding it, Antiochos said. “Our planet is located within the sun’s atmosphere and every second, the sun launches one billion tons of matter into this atmosphere,” Antiochos said.

ESA members have already started creating sections of the satellite with Italy working on the telescope, Tsiganos said.

“We are participating in the working groups to find out how we can contribute. Greece is new to the European space club and is searching to finds its role within it,” he said. So far Greece has provided 8 million euros in funding to the ESA as compared to 10 million euros from Belgium and more from other members, Antiochos said.

The treasures of Mount Athos > A virtual tour October 18, 2006

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An excellent virtual tour of the Holy Mount of Athos.

Take a tour through history, the monasteries and the paths of Mount Athos and view excellent Byzantine and other pictures.

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Note > You must download the application (approx. size 5.55 MB) into your computer.