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Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition October 22, 2006

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Hands that heal > If you are interested in alternative treatments and therapies, the annual Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition has a lot to offer

It’s quite surprising just how much Cyprus has changed recently. A few years back, finding a health food shop was a task in itself, organic produce was an alien concept, and ‘alternative’ therapies didn’t go far beyond grandmothers suggesting a dash of zivania to cure a cold. Now it is possible to sit at the dinner table as one family member pokes at food, explaining that the potatoes are so much better because they’re produced under the most biologically friendly conditions available, and another outlining how she refused to buy the last batch of carrots at the supermarket because they’d run out of organic. Even I have become enticed by the idea of food without chemicals and now buy organic green tea simply because the bags haven’t been bleached. Is all this just a passing trend?

If you are keen to explore alternative therapies and treatments, the annual Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition is coming up, providing a vital link between people on the island with similar interests in healthy living, complementary therapies, and self-development. November’s event will actually mark the tenth exhibition of its kind, bringing together people working in the fields of holistic health therapies and self-development to cooperate and raise awareness about what’s available to help us in our search for health and personal growth.

“Things really are changing a lot recently and maybe this is because the ‘conventional’ way just isn’t giving people the results they want. So they start to look for different roots, paying attention to food and nutrition, alternative medicine and more stress-free ways of living,” one of the main organisers of the event, Annette Martinsen, said.

The exhibition will host over 1,000 local and international exhibitors, as various rooms will be allocated for different purposes. You can meet doctors, holistic therapists, Feng Shui experts, healers, clairvoyants and life experts. There’ll also be the chance to learn about natural beauty products, crystals and organic food through a variety of free lectures, presentations, workshops, meditation, yoga and Pilates classes. This time there will be new international speakers to listen to including Jean Claude Koven from the US, author of the prize-winning inspirational novel, Going Deeper. Koven will be giving a talk and also a mini workshop entitled ‘What is really happening to our planet at this time?’ Stephen Coburn from the UK on the other hand will present an introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), where emotional relief brings physical health. Soozi Holbeche, one of Britain’s best-known healers, also returns to give a talk and a workshop on the power of crystals and dreams.

For those interested in a little shopping therapy there will be plenty to chose from, including natural cosmetics and goods to nourish your skin, Dead Sea products and essential oils, Feng Sui books, healing stones and handmade jewellery. A new feature this year is the Cinema Room, screening films such as Return to the Tsunami Survivors of Sri Lanka by international healer and medium David Anthony. Anthony himself will be present at the exhibition, giving workshops, hosting talks and teaching people how to meditate. Another film not to miss is Healthy at One Hundred by Philip Day, who explains how you can maintain your health, prevent and even recover from serious conditions such as cancer.

And to top it all up, there’s even a concert you can enjoy to really calm down as Eliana Gilad performs music which utilizes the ancient understanding of voice, music and sound. As a natural healer, Gilad is an internationally recognised expert in the conscious use of voice and rhythm based on the way they were used in ancient times. Mystic sound combines Eastern rhythm and percussion with Western melody to calm the body and relax the soul. Lyrics are interwoven with ancient texts to uplift the spirit as the audience chants along with the rhythm.

And the fun doesn’t end with the sound of music. Taking things one step further, you’ll be given the chance to feel and sense your aura. Not to worry if you’re a little mystified as an interactive workshop will explain everything and help you increase your sensitivity and strengthen your visual awakening of the aura. For ‘hands that can heal’, you will also have a chance to learn about pranic healing, where every person is capable of using energy to heal themselves and those around through touch. In a one off workshop you’ll feel the energy you have within and discover how you can actually project this energy to send love, peace and inner calm.

“People can come along to the exhibition simply because they’re curious. They don’t have to be previously involved in these things, after all, it’s a learning experience. It’s for those looking for something a little different, to be inspired, to maybe get involved in new uplifting and healthy things,” said Annette.

I’d say this rather unique two-day exhibition holds only one danger. Come Monday morning you may want to rebel against the system, refuse to go to work, and choose to meditate at the top of a mountain somewhere. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition > Two days of exhibits, talks and film showings on healthy living. November 4 and 5. Hilton Park Hotel, Nicosia. Saturday 11am-8pm, and Sunday 11am to 7pm. £2.50 at the door. Optional 2-hour mini-workshops with top speakers £10 each.

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