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Naked ambition October 22, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Cyprus Nicosia, Lifestyle.

Great tan, great abs, Cypriot stripper Mediterranean promises a good time

I’m here to meet a stripper. Although I introduce myself, he wishes to remain anonymous. His stage name is Mediterranean Fever and that’s all I’m getting out of him. Think Zorro without the sword: he wears a mask, he has a great tan, he struts his well-engineered body with abs that Superman would be jealous of, as though he is nine feet tall and has absolutely no modesty. But then again, anyone with an ounce of modesty might well not end up taking their clothes off while sexily gyrating in front of groups of laughing, screaming, and sometimes groping women. He’s a man of mystery, but a man with a mission: to be seen as something more than just a “piece of meat”. It’s almost an impossible task here in Cyprus, where the word “stripper” automatically conjures up parallel images of a prostitute.

His story is the same as many who follow his path: desperate for money, he needed to find a way to get himself back on his feet. He considered his virtues: he was a Latin dancer, did body sculpting, and was fun-loving. In addition, he was a university graduate, in economics, so felt sure he could “manage” himself. To him, it seemed obvious. And, every time he went somewhere he ended up exposing himself, so thought, why not make some money out of it. However, he is quick to assert that he is purely “professional”.

“I don’t do it for the women,” he starts to say, then realises what he’s said is completely contradictory and he smiles a boyish smile that has probably won – and broken – many hearts. “I mean, I do do it for the women… to please women… but not for sex.”

He continues, “Most Cypriots don’t see a stripper as a professional, just a mindless person or a prostitute. They underestimate me… I’m an educated stripper. I’m offering something different. My most exciting strip, most satisfying, was at a place with a group of traditional Cypriot women, who had lived in the village all their lives. They looked at me like I was an alien. It was a real challenge.”

He does speak fluent English and Greek, so brawn and brains? It’s a hard concept to swallow, but he is convincing. And stripping is not his full-time job. He works every summer for a water sports business, so keeps in shape and maintains his tan, while earning a bit extra. He’s also an “entertainer”, singing karaoke, and is currently working on becoming a fitness trainer.

We get down to the nitty-gritty. How long does the show last? Does he travel island-wide? What comes off? What stays on? Is it an “interactive” show? How much does it cost? He smiles that smile again, and you know that even though he’s been doing this for four years professionally, that smile has taken a lot longer to perfect. Each show is 15 minutes, all movement and dancing. Yes, he travels anywhere and has worked in all towns… nowhere is too far. He strips down to a G-string, though in hushed tones, he tells me “anything further needs to be discussed”. It seems it’s not out of the question to get a Full Monty if you require. Interactive performances depend on prior arrangements, as generally he performs a show and that means no touching. Costs begin at £150.

I find that a bit steep but Mediterranean Fever doesn’t even flinch. “How many strippers do you know in Cyprus?” he asks. It’s true. It’s an open market, therefore he can ask what he likes.

So how does he feel about taking his clothes off in front of total strangers? “At first I just did it for the money… now I like to do it. I feel I can give something that not many people can, so why not?” Why not indeed?

When asked how long he would continue doing if for, his answer – referring to tone of his body – was “as long as I’m still ripped to shreds”. That smile again. Finally, I asked him why people should call him if they need a stripper for a hens’ night, party or fun night at the pub. “Because I guarantee satisfaction”, he whispers, a twinkle in his eye.

Mediterranean Fever Strip Show. Tel: 99 838156. From £150.

Source and Copyright > The Cyprus Mail by Tracy Roth-Rotsas

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