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Happy National Day October 28, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Editorial.
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Today, 28th of October, the Greek Nation all over the world celebrates our “OCHI” Day (in English “ochi” means “No”), our National Day commemorating Greece’s entry to WWII on 28th October 1940 and the Greek epic.

To all Greeks in Greece, Cyprus and the Diaspora we send our best wishes for a

Happy National Day!

Lessons from Greece > Democracy’s birthplace

Today, 28th October, is the anniversary of modern Greece’s finest hour.

In the early morning of October 28, 1940, the reply to the Axis ultimatum by Premier Gen. John Metaxas was a simple and forceful “oxi” (no)!

Metaxas rallied the Greek nation with these words of pride and passion:

“Greeks! We shall now prove whether we are worthy of our ancestors and of the liberty which our forefathers secured for us. Fight for the fatherland, your wives, your children and sacred traditions. Now above all, fight!”

In less than two long months of terrible winter struggle, the Greeks had driven every invader from their country.

I hope to remind all the readers of The HomeboyMediaNews to remember the rich Greek heritage that Greece continuously contributes to the modern world.