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Christmas in Greece and Cyprus October 30, 2006

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As the Christmas Season approaches Greece and Cyprus have something special to offer 

This is the right time that you can start organising your trip to Greece or Cyprus and your participation at the Christmas festivities held all around the country and familiarize yourself with our Christmas and New Year traditions and customs.

Cyprus and Greece have a range of great hotel specials which can save you big money during the winter season. Check details with your travel agent before it’s too late. If you want to experience Christmas and the New Year festivities in Cyprus or Greece make your arrangements now!

And if you want us to assist you in any way, or if you have specific questions to make, do ask us! The locals know better!

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Song festival’s highlights October 30, 2006

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A celebration of Greek music is on the cards at the Thessaloniki Song Festival, which is taking place on Thursday and Saturday at the Pylaia Stadium, and is sponsored by the Thessaloniki Trade Fair SA and the ERT State Broadcasting Company.

The first evening’s program comprises 16 songs competing for a spot among 10 songs that will make it to Saturday’s finals. Of these 10, three will be selected by a jury of artists and the public, while there will also be an additional three awards bestowed by the panel for best composition, best interpretation and best lyrics.

The two evenings of competition will also, for the first time, include two concerts by popular Greek singers. On Thursday Dimitris Mitropanos and the ERT Contemporary Music Orchestra will perform the veteran songster’s all-time favorites, while pop idol Michalis Hadziyiannis will perform his chart-topping hits on the final evening of the competition.

Meanwhile, events have been organized throughout the week at various venues around the city of Thessaloniki in the build-up to the big night on Saturday. All proceeds from the festival will be donated to the SOS Village for Children.

A master of the grandest illusions October 30, 2006

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David Copperfield will perform 16 shows
His is a kingdom where people and objects disappear and reappear, going against all laws of nature. How he does it doesn’t really matter; what matters is that his audiences believe that magic truly exists.

David Copperfield, the sensational magician and illusionist, the man who erased, albeit for a short while, the Statue of Liberty from the face of the Earth and was seen walking through the Great Wall of China, is coming to Athens.

Beginning on Wednesday and running to November 6, Copperfield will appear in 16 performances at the Faliron Olympic Complex, in a run including morning, afternoon and evening shows.

Athens is Copperfield’s last stop in a tour that has taken him and his team to some 24 European cities. While in town, special security measures will protect the magician’s top secrets, the public is forbidden from taking photographs or videotaping any parts of his production. As a general rule, it takes Copperfield no less than two-and-a-half years to perfect a trick, from the moment it is conceived to the day it is executed on stage.

Titled “An Intimate Night of Grand Illusion” the production was partly inspired by an unfulfilled wish of Copperfield’s grandfather. Like the rest of the world, he dreamed of winning the lottery and acquiring that one thing he always desired.

Tickets are on sale at Virgin Megastores and at Ticketnet.gr at 210 8840600.

Cyprus Ajet ex-Helios to terminate flight operations October 30, 2006

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Cypriot airline involved in 2005 crash to terminate flight operations

Ajet, the carrier that replaced Helios Airways after a crash that killed all 121 passengers and crew in Greece last year, said Monday it will terminate its flight operations in early 2007.
Ajet holding company Libra Holidays announced that it would bring the carrier’s flight schedule to a halt within the next three months. “The decision is the outcome of the financial results of the specific company,” Libra said in a statement. Ajet will remain registered as a company pending financial claims against third parties, Libra said.
Greek accident investigators have cited human error as the main cause of the Helios air disaster. In a report issued October 10, they said the two pilots of the Cypriot 737-300 failed to competently operate controls regulating cabin pressure and misinterpreted a subsequent warning sign.
Maintenance officials were also blamed for leaving pressure controls on an incorrect setting, while Boeing was cited for “ineffectiveness of measures” in response to previous pressurization incidents on their aircraft.