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Cyprus Ajet ex-Helios to terminate flight operations October 30, 2006

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Cypriot airline involved in 2005 crash to terminate flight operations

Ajet, the carrier that replaced Helios Airways after a crash that killed all 121 passengers and crew in Greece last year, said Monday it will terminate its flight operations in early 2007.
Ajet holding company Libra Holidays announced that it would bring the carrier’s flight schedule to a halt within the next three months. “The decision is the outcome of the financial results of the specific company,” Libra said in a statement. Ajet will remain registered as a company pending financial claims against third parties, Libra said.
Greek accident investigators have cited human error as the main cause of the Helios air disaster. In a report issued October 10, they said the two pilots of the Cypriot 737-300 failed to competently operate controls regulating cabin pressure and misinterpreted a subsequent warning sign.
Maintenance officials were also blamed for leaving pressure controls on an incorrect setting, while Boeing was cited for “ineffectiveness of measures” in response to previous pressurization incidents on their aircraft. 

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