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‘We Want Apple Greece’ petition October 31, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Internet & Web.

The folks behind the WeWantAppleGreece campaign and web site, say their online petition now has 607 signatures.

“The signatures are from Greek Mac users and friends all over the world,” Dimitris Karakatsanis, “We want Apple Greece” team coordinator, said. “It is amazing that all of them agree that there is indeed an unacceptable situation in our country regards Apple products, service and support.”

“We Want Apple Greece” has been launched by Greek Mac users to increase the availability of Apple products and service in the country. The amount of Apple products sold in the Greek market grows daily, but there’s the impression that the service and the support provided by several independent small companies in Greece doesn’t follow the standards of the rest of the Apple companies worldwide follow, according to the site organizers.

“The WeWantAppleGreece.com has been created by Greek Macintosh users as an ultimate attempt to stimulate the interest of those who are responsible for the comic situation in our country,” Karakatsanis says. “At the site, we try to describe this situation in an easy-going though sarcastic manner, hoping that things might change, and Apple will take the decisive step to create in our country the much desired Apple Greece or, even better, Apple Hellas! A company that will comply with the rules and standards that each Apple company worldwide complies with.”

He says that those behind the site don’t consider themselves special nor are they asking for special treatment. “What unites us is the fact that we are all users of the Apple products and we wish to enjoy the same support service that Apple provides the rest of the European people,” Karakatsanis says. “We are Greeks, citizens of the EU, and, no matter if we reside in Greece or outside of the Greek borders, we demand to be treated equally regarding the purchase and the after sales service of our favorite computers, peripherals and gadgets.”

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