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Cyprus to host conference on ‘Terrorism and Electronic Media’ November 2, 2006

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Cyprus will play host to the Second International Conference on “Terrorism and Electronic Media”, organised by the International Academy of Television and Radio, a Russia-based non-governmental professional organisation.

It will take place between 6-11 November 2006 at a hotel in Cyprus’ southeastern tourist resort of Ayia Napa. It is expected to attract more than 100 representatives from 25 countries.

Editors, journalists and experts from UNESCO, the European Union, other international organisations and law enforcement bodies will discuss issues of cooperation and interaction between media and counter terrorist offices concerning the coverage of terrorist acts.

Special attention will be paid to recent events in the Middle East and other regions as well as to the new political realities and forms of terrorism.

Participants will also discuss issues such as “Terrorism and Internet: fictional and real threats”, “Problems in interpretation of the definition ‘terrorism’ in view of the Middle East political realities”, “The role of mass media in inter-religions and inter-civilisation dialogue”.

The first International Conference on “Terrorism and Electronic Media” was held in 2005 in the town of Gelendjik in northern Caucasus. It was attended by more than 130 delegates from 18 countries.


Crete > famous for olive oil production November 2, 2006

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Pretty, narrow streets, jewelled seas and fetching little fishing ports conspire to lure tourists to Crete’s shores like sirens enticing sailors onto the rocks.

Celebrated as the birthplace of Zeus and launching pad of the ill-fated Icarus, it is also famous for olive oil production, boasting 35 million trees. That’s a lot of trees. That’s a lot of olives! 

The Cretan diet is particularly healthy, if you don’t eat too many sakritopites, ribbons of dough twirled into roses as they’re fried, doused in syrup and scattered with sesame seeds. 

Supermoto World Championship set in Athens November 2, 2006

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The 2006 FIM Supermoto World Championship will have a Greek style final. The last round will take place this weekend, on the Port of  Piraeus, and the remaining two World Titles will be taken there: they are the S2 riders’ Title and the S1 manufacturers’ Title.

Bernd Hiemer in S1 and Aprilia in S2 already secured the respective Titles in Latina, where the German won the Grand Prix and Aprilia topped the podium with Frenchmen Van Den Bosch and Giraudo. The two Aprilia riders are still battling for the S2 riders’ Title, but former S1 World Champion Van Den Bosch has a 39 point advantage over runner up Giraudo.

The latter has to watch out from young gun Adrien Chareyre, who is third in the Championship and has a mathematical chance to snatch second from his countryman Giraudo. The actual gap is 19 points but it will be hard to close it: the top three riders scored points in each of the seven rounds of the Championship.

On the other hand Frederic Bolley, riding the third factory Aprilia, did not score points in two Motos this year: one in France and the other one in Germany. The former Motocross World Champion lies in fourth place and he is just 16 points away from Chareyre. If he moves up to third, Aprilia will complete the top three of the S2 World Championship, adding the result to the Manufacturers’ Title. 20-year-old Adrien Chareyre is the only non-Aprilia rider in top four, where he is also the youngest.

Massimo Beltrami is fifth in the World Standings, but in Greece Sylvain Bidart will try to move past the Italian: Bidart is just 8 points behind, and entering the top five is his goal for the season. Neither current World Champion Boris Chambon will take it easy in Greece; Balducci is right behind him and Bidart is right ahead. Only Jerome Giraudo can stop Championship Leader Thierry Van Den Bosch: it is going to be a hard job

In S1 manufacturers KTM and Husqvarna still fight for the 2006 Title. The Austrian factory can count on new World Champion Bernd Hiemer, winning 5 Grand Prix this season and going for the sixth win in Greece. On the other hand Husqvarna has Ivan Lazzarini and Gerald Delepine, second and third in the Championship; the two riders are also fighting for runner up spot, and there are only 2 points between them.

Husqvarna riders will surely be on front, and may repeat the battle we saw in Busca, with Lazzarini finally finishing in front of Delepine. If the Belgian wants the runner up spot, he needs a similar battle but with a different final.

British Christian Iddon could either give Delepine a hand, finishing in between the Belgian and Lazzarini, or snatch third place from him. Iddo is fourth at the moment, 11 points behind Delepine, and will fly to Greece to improve his position in the standings.

There will be a lot of action in the top four, while fifth Marcel Goetz is too far from Iddon: the Swiss will try to keep the position in the Championship and stop Simone Girolami’s attacks.

TM rider Girolami won the second Moto in Latina, but he scored no points in three Motos this season. On the other hand Goetz has been much more consistent, scoring points in all rounds in which he took part. Girolami’s Team mate Robert Baraccani is seventh, six points behind his Team mate. As the Husqvarna Factory Team, also the TM Factory Team will host an internal battle for the Championship position.

The venue of the final round is the spectacular capital city of Greece: Athens. With the race taking place on the Port of Piraeus, the city is right around the corner. Athens is well know for its historical monuments on the Acropolis: the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylaea. But there are also plenty of squares, which are called Agora, like the Ancient Agora or the Roman Agora. Athens is one of the hottest spots in the World for tourism. The race venue, the Port of Piraeus, is one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean Sea, but also in the World. Each year 50,000 passengers, 25,000 ships and 16,000 tons of goods approach the port; the Supermoto circus will be part of the flow.

Fine wines of the south meet top Athens chefs November 2, 2006

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A special tasting is organized as part of “Peloponnesian Wines, Naturally”.

The fine wines of the Peloponnese are combined with the finest cuisine of the capital’s restaurants in an event organized by Vinetum Wine Communication and the Union of Peloponnesian Wine Producers and Viticulturists (ENOAP) and coming up on Monday.

Organizers of the «Peloponnesian Wines, Naturally» event have selected 35 high-end Athenian restaurants to serve a selection of wines from the vineyards of the southern Greek region to tailor-made menus created by the chefs to enhance the bouquet of the wines. What’s more, there is a 50 percent discount on the selected labels, whether purchased with dinner or to take home.

The center of events will be the City of Athens Technopolis complex in Gazi, where, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., members of ENOAP will be displaying their products and discussing their techniques and the particular characteristics of each wine with aficionados. Admission to the event is free. Vintners will also inform visitors at which restaurants their wines will be served and which particular labels they have recommended to chefs.

Another highlight is a tasting session of rarer or less popular selections, organized by ENOAP in collaboration with The Vineyard magazine, the only specialized publication on vineyards, winemaking and wine trading in Greece. The number of people who can attend this event is limited, so reservations are necessary and can be made online at info@vinetum.gr.

One lucky wine lover will also walk away from Technopolis with a 9-liter bottle of Salmanazar featuring the signatures of all 33 participants in the exposition after a raffle draw that will take place during the event.

A hip gallery with personality November 2, 2006

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Cats & Marbles in Kolonaki is only 2 years old but has established a distinctive style of its own > Antiques mainly from Greece and the Middle East are elegantly displayed.

Eclecticism and a multicultural angle that encompasses antique artifacts and contemporary art are the fundamental ideas behind Cats & Marbles, an elegant, unusual exhibition space of art, antiques and objets d’art that opened in Kolonaki two years ago. To celebrate its second anniversary, the gallery is now hosting a group exhibition that includes paintings, jewelry, ceramics and installations by nine contemporary artists. It is a fresh, youthful and varied exhibition with reasonably priced works. The mood changes on the upper floor, where a permanent display of furniture and unusual antique objects, mainly from the Middle East, weave a voyage back in time and across different civilizations. Seen together, both displays reflect the gallery’s taste for mixing styles and periods.

The background of the gallery’s proprietor, Marina Coriolano-Lykourezos, in art history and anthropology explains this bent. An elegant young woman, half Brazilian and half Greek, Coriolano-Lykourezos was born in England, where she later returned to study at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, and raised in Paris. Before settling in Athens around 10 years ago, she also lived in Brazil.

Prompted by a love for beauty and having cultivated an ease with different cultures, Coriolano-Lykourezos opened Cats & Marbles with the architect Dimitris Zografos but for some time now has been running the space on her own.

In the current group exhibition, which follows a photo exhibition on the celebrated photographer Simon Norfolk, the focus is mostly on craftsmanship. Examples include thread-made necklaces by artist Anna-Maria Lambert or ceramic animal statuettes by Nikos Karalis. One of the unusual works is an installation by Yiannis Argyriadis, Thodoros Gougas and Popi Mavromatidou. The installation is made of wooden shoe-stretchers that the artists have painted or decorated with various materials, a homage to traditional shoemakers. The work’s old-time quality ties the exhibition with the permanent display on the upper floor where wooden African statues and traditional 18th and 19th century furniture from Greece, Persia, Turkey and other areas in the Middle East are beautifully displayed in a warm and elegantly designed space.

At Cats & Marbles, 12 Fokylidou street, Kolonaki, tel 210 3613942, to November 18.

Greeks let their health go November 2, 2006

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Survey shows dip in life expectancy because of bad diet, lack of exercise

A large number of Greeks are shortening their lives by up to 10 years because they eat poorly, exercise little, and avoid precautionary medical tests, according to a nationwide health survey that was made public yesterday.

Over the last three decades, Greece has slipped down the life expectancy table. It once had the third-highest life expectancy in the world but is now ranked 15th. Greek men are expected to live until they are 78 and women until they are 82.

A change in diet and a rise in unhealthy practices mean the quality of daily life has dropped, according to Yiannis Toundas, the director of the Institute of Social and Preventative Medicine (ISPM), one of the bodies involved in the Hellas Health 1 poll.

According to research by Metron Analysis, 40 percent of the 1,000 people questioned said they smoke. More than 44 percent of respondents aged 18 to 34 said they are smokers. Two in three smokers said they want to kick the habit but Toundas said there is not enough help for them at medical clinics.

Greeks are also eating too much red meat, the poll suggested. The average weekly consumption is 140 grams per person whereas it should be no more than 60 grams. The consumption of seafood and chicken has fallen below recommended levels. Greeks eat 100 grams of chicken and seafood a week but should be eating up to 360 grams. People are damaging their health further by eating too many sweets and, according to a third of respondents, skipping breakfast.

A lack of exercise is a key problem for Greeks’ health, experts said. The survey found that 34 percent of Greek men and almost 45 percent of Greek women do not even walk for half an hour each week.

The ISPM said it will run an advertising campaign for the next two months to heighten awareness about the health problems. A helpline is also available on 210 7222727.

Greece among top honeymoon spots November 2, 2006

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Greece is among the top 10 destinations in the world for honeymoons, according to a Chinese publication.

The Chinese tourism publication Zhongguo Luyou Bao stated that Greece was chosen by 10,000 readers between May and September as one of the top 10 most popular honeymoon destinations. A special distinction will be awarded during a ceremony in Shanghai on November 16.

The event will be attended by senior Chinese tourism ministry officials, representatives of Chinese airlines and tourist agents.