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A fresh splash of choreography November 8, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Arts Events Greece.

Smack, a promising new dance troupe, debuts in Athens tomorrow

Smack, a newly established dance company, made its debut just days ago in Thessaloniki with “Under Cinderella’s Skirt” a production inspired by the star of a video game. The group, which launched its activity with two performances in the northern port, has also planned a further five shows for Athens, tomorrow through November 13, at the Hytirio Theater (44 Iera Odos street, tel 210 3412313).

Smack was formed in August with the aim of taking its contemporary dance projects to various parts of Greece and abroad.

“Under Cinderella’s Skirt” is the first choreography for Stella Zanou. Zanou is part of the performing team along with five other dancers.

“Stories of the Body #2,” another promising production which opens tonight in Athens at the Anoixis Theater (see “What’s On” list) by Slovenian choreographer Snjezana Premus, presents a series that explores the potential of revealing, through choreography, what words often conceal. This project is the follow-up to “Stories of the Body #1,” a cycle based on conflict within the body.

Two rounds of performances have been scheduled, the first from tonight through Sunday, and the second between November 15 and 19.

“Stories of the Body #2” is performed by Melina Yiordanidou and Anastassia Chrysanthakopoulou. The production’s music was written by Natry X and the visuals are by Petra Veber. Premus, who began her studies in Maribor, Slovenia, and continued with a postgraduate degree in choreography at the London Contemporary Dance School, has worked in Europe and Japan.

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