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Video Platform returns stronger December 4, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Arts Events Cyprus, Arts Events Greece.

Three years have elapsed since the first Video Platform but this year the size of the event which opened on Saturday and runs to Thursday, is so much bigger that it seems like an entirely different festival all together.

The first amateur Video Platform of 2003 was thrown together in a small apartment on central Socratous Street near the Varvakeios Market. But the event has now evolved into a vibrant pole of attraction for anything that has to do with digital film. The dynamic of the media, already a dominant force in mainstream production, and especially the popularity of digital art with young urban audiences are more or less the defining characteristics of the alternative character of the platform. In keeping with the atmosphere they want to convey, organizers have chosen the venues Bios and Nixon in Metaxourgeio to host the event this year.

The event this year has become more aggressive as it has extended the time it will run to five days and spread itself out over two large venues. In numbers, this year there will be 229 films, 78 Greek contributions, 30 guests from abroad, two competition sections and three tributes. In the three years of its existence, the Video Platform has also succeeded in building fruitful ties with other similar events in Europe and the USA, collaborations whose results will form the core of this year’s event.

The main award will be sought by 13 films, fiction, documentary and animation, from Greece and abroad, created on video or other digital technology and then transferred onto film and which are all at most 45 minutes long. A much larger number of films, of limitless themes and lengths, will be in the race for the much-coveted audience award.

Highlights of Video Platform 2006 include the “Dogma 45” tribute, inspired by the films of Lars von Trier and Danish cinema, contemporary Cypriot cinema and an applied audiovisual workshop titled “Platform in Motion,” which comprises the recording, production and presentation of a video by a group of film students.

The price of attendance is also a lure, as it is set at 5 euros a day. There is also a ticket priced at 15 euros for attendance to the entire event, while if you show a public transport ticket at the entrance up to two hours before the start of an event, you can get in for 3 euros.

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