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Vote for the new Seven Wonders of the World December 6, 2006

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A new global internet campaign has recently been launched. A shortlist of the sites that could become the New Seven Wonders of the World was released and people from around the globe are now invited to vote for their favourites from a shortlist of 21 landmarks.

They include the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, the ancient city of Petra in Jordan and the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. The only British entry is Stonehenge in Amesbury, Wiltshire, where substantial remnants of a monument erected between 3000BC and 1600BC still stand. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sydney Opera House and New York’s Statue of Liberty are also on the list, which has been put together following a five-year campaign by the New 7 Wonders Foundation.

The main aim of this campaign by the Swiss group is to alert the world to the destruction of man-made heritage. The winners will be announced on January 1, 2007. Members include the former director general of Unesco, Professor Federico Mayor, and several leading architects.

You can vote by calling a telephone voting number, and enter the code of your chosen wonder. New 7 Wonders is aiming to use the popular and commercial success of this project to generate funds for good causes. 50% of all net revenues generated will go to the New 7 Wonders Foundation, dedicated to the restoration of the world’s cultural treasures. According to the rules, the new Seven Wonders must be man-made, completed by 2000, and in an “acceptable” state of preservation.

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