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Architect’s work in art December 15, 2006

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Digitally processed images of pictures collected from the press and media are a large portion of Lazaridis’s work

Since the late 1960s, architecture Professor Pantelis Lazaridis has built a huge archive of photographs and documents that have appeared in the press and the media and are related to urban life and a city’s landscape. As an architect, his interest lies in the built environment. As a visual artist, which he is also known as, he has used the images he has collected in powerful, strange collages that capture the frenzy of contemporary urban life and reflect his interest in the political.

His work as a visual artist is the focus of “Pantelis Lazaridis: Negotiating the Ephemeral” a recent, large publication edited by Yiorgos Tzirtzilakis and released by Futura and the Benaki Museum. The powerful, unusual images he has produced help balance the book’s specialized, theoretical content. The artist’s recent series of digitally processed images of urban scenes make up one of the sections. They are semi-abstracted images that compress fleeting and fragmentary views of city life in a combination of high-tech fluorescent colors together with black and white.

Both his translations in Greek of important architectural essays and his work in establishing the University of Thessaly, he was professor at the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva and the Thessaloniki Aristotle University, have enriched the study of architecture in Greece.

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