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Science library enters world of digital info December 18, 2006

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The Science and Technology Library at the National Research Foundation in Athens has launched a digital catalog, expanded its study-space capacity, and included free Internet. Is the future of libraries in the digital world?

Probably yes, because the speed, quantity and complexity of new publications are all so substantial that any other approach would prove helplessly dysfunctional. In this information age, access to information is not accessible by all, at least for the time being. Electronic libraries are currently working on it. Having just launched its electronic library, the Science and Technology Library at the National Research Foundation in Athens is headed the way of the digital world.

Development of the foundation’s electronic library, a project whose cost has so far exceeded 10 million euro, began in 1997. Today, the library’s datebase includes over 12,000 volumes of scientific magazines by some of the world’s biggest publishers, 3,000 electronic books covering a wide variety of scientific fields, as well as 27 Greek databases for science and technology.

The library, founded 25 years ago, has just expanded its public study-space capacity from 25 to 100 places. It also offers free Internet access to visitors.

The library also provides the latest printed editions of over 300 scientific magazines and an extensive archive of back issues, free of cost for all members.

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