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Greeks among gloomiest in the EU December 20, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Living.

Less than one in five Greeks expect that their incomes will improve while eight out of 10 describe the state of the economy as “bad,” according to the results of a Eurobarometer survey made public yesterday.

Just 17 percent of Greeks polled said they were hopeful for a salary rise while the French, British, Portuguese and Cypriots displayed similar pessimism.

The Dutch, Swedes and Irish were among the most positive about work and financial prospects. Also, more than half (56 percent) of Greeks rated unemployment as a major concern. And while seven out of 10 Greeks claimed to be satisfied with their daily lives, this percentage pales in comparison to satisfaction levels of up to 98 percent among Swedes, Belgians and Dutch. But while showing Greeks to be relatively grouchy compared to their EU counterparts, the survey showed them to be less pessimistic than they have been in previous years.

The poll also showed Greeks to have a greater trust in the EU than any other member state except Slovenia, with 65 percent declaring their trust in the EU’s institutions. Moreover, 74 percent of Greeks said they believed EU membership has benefited their country.

One area in which Greeks excel, according to the poll, is home ownership, with 60 percent owning their own residences as compared to an EU average of 42 percent.

The poll showed Greeks and French to be the most fearful of the social repercussions of globalization and Greeks the most distrustful of the Internet.

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