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Numismatic unveiled December 20, 2006

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Panepistimiou Street will get one of its architectural jewels back when the scaffolding comes off on the Numismatic Museum, once the home of Heinrich Schliemann.

The screens and scaffolding hiding one of the most beautiful buildings in Athens, built by Ernst Ziller in 1870 for his friend Heinrich Schliemann, will soon be a thing of the past.

Schliemann’s former residence and the current home of the Numismatic Museum on Panepistimiou Street is preparing to reveal its new face following a lengthy renovation. The museum will also be enriching its collection with the collection of Adonidos Kyros, one of the museum’s oldest benefactors.

Once completed, the museum will have a very special and complete series of 1,178 brass coins dating from the 5th century BC to AD 5 mostly from the mints of Macedonia and Thrace, as well as from other parts of the Hellenic and Roman worlds.

According to the museum’s director, Despina Evgenidou, 2006 was a year of construction work and 2007 will be the year to focus on the permanent collections.

When the screens come down, the building will once more be seen in its full glory. Statues on the facade and in the courtyard have been reproduced, a cafe will be operating in the garden and the building will also be equipped with an elevator. As an added bonus, renovation work uncovered older layers of paint on the old building, so that the gold and bronze wrought iron bars and balconies originally designed by Ziller have been reinstated.

The main hall of the museum is expected to open to the public in early summer 2007, showing Roman, Byzantine, medieval and modern coins in rearranged displays.

“We are also making an effort to help the public better understand the relationship societies have had with coins over the course of history,” Evgenidou said.

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