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Cyprus to obtain its National Theatre December 26, 2006

Posted by grhomeboy in Architecture Cyprus, Stage & Theater.

Cyprus Theatre Organization Board of Directors Chairman Demetris Karagiannis welcomed on Friday, the Council of Ministers’ decision to approve the construction of the new Cyprus National Theatre.

The new building, which will be situated in Nicosia, at the old GSP stadium premises and will cost 9,4 million Cyprus pounds, aspires to give a new momentum to the theatre activities on the island. The building will include two state-of-the-art stages (550 and 150 seats), offices, an exhibition area, a foyer, a bookshop, a restaurant and a cafeteria.

The building will be constructed based on modern specifications and will provide all necessary facilities for people with disabilities, while it was included among the nine best public use buildings internationally, according to Estates Gazette. The construction will commence at the end of 2007 and will finish in 2010.

”With this project the Cypriot theatre makes a big step forward not only because the Cypriot Theatre Organization was, perhaps, the only theatre without a home, but because from this building, a momentum will emerge so that the idea of theatre will rise in the Cypriot peoples’ minds,” the organization’s Board of Directors Chairman Demetris Karagianis told a press conference.

Cyprus Theatre Organization Director Antis Partzelis described this day as the happiest day of his life. ”This day marks a new era for the Cyprus Theatre Organization,” he added.

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