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Greek Myth parallels life January 2, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Books Life.

Creative father/son writing team weaves tales of ancient Greece into their story of three families of middle and high school youth plagued with poverty, personal loss and handicaps, who are learning to overcome life’s obstacles.

Steve Reed, two times “Teacher of the Year” in Phoenix, AZ, and son Aaron Reed, a designer of private education programs for student with alternative learning styles, have combined talents to write the inspiring young-adult novel “The Myth of the Summer Moon” (Baker Trittin Press, 2006, ISBN 0978731603).

A depression era, backwoods mountain community in Appalachia becomes the setting for a group of middle/high school children who were forced through circumstances, to grow up before their time. Merging themes of grief and loss with courage and faith, this character driven novel creatively uses Greek legend to support the storyline, and strengthen the timeless quality of the character’s personal journeys.

“The Myth” tells the story of Jimmy, a quiet sensitive boy, who loves his big sister Frankie. Since their mother’s death, she has taken on role of caregiver and protector to her younger brother. Jimmy falls innocently in love with a Greek girl named Helena, who is extremely shy and deemed “slow,” making her a target for town bullies. Many other pertinent characters punctuate the Reed’s story including grandparents, the spiteful Zach and his gang, Helena’s sister Gabriella, and Titus, the massive bull who lends an endearing, competitive commonality between himself and Frankie, helping bring an ancient Minoan legend to the mountains of Appalachia.

The trials of life come alive in this narrative from growing up in a single parent home, to social acceptance and personal insecurities, through the interactions of the “good” characters pitted against their adversaries. Gang behavior and the ills of prejudice polarize the children, making for an interesting platform on which to build the Reed’s message of the importance of developing strength of character by standing up for what you believe in, and rising to challenges as they come.

“The Myth” rejuvenates the paradigm of an extended family lifestyle where multiple generations live together and everyone takes care of each other. Readers are drawn into this unique circle of relationships while bearing witness to the characters’ significant personal transformations. Geared loosely towards the faith-based reader, a strong wholesome perspective makes this book highly appealing for a crossover market at any age.

The Reed’s masterful blend of classic literature, ancient legend, and contemporary poetry graciously punctuates this unforgettable story about the gritty realities of life, and the similarities we all face.

Steve Reed taught high school in Detroit for 16 years before teaching Middle School in Singapore and Phoenix. He is a graduate of Easter Michigan University and is currently enrolled at Trinity College seeking a Ph.D. in Cultural Theology and Hermeneutics.

Aaron Reed, obtained his BS in Written Communication from Eastern Michigan University, and aside from teaching English in Japan for a year, has focused the past ten years on designing and implementing private education programs. He is actively involved in global ministry which includes traveling to Ecuador, Thailand, and Ghana.

“The Myth of the Summer Moon” (Baker Trittin Press, 2006, ISBN 0978731603), can be purchased at online bookstores, or visit http://reedwriters.com

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