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Alexander The Great January 3, 2007

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Great Leader Ever Born In History: If we leave the controversial issue, whether Alexander the Great was a homosexual or not? Alexander the great was truly a perfect leader who led his army to the winning campaign and who dreamed to bring every existing country in his empire. Who was Alexander the Great?

Alexander was ambitious young leader, who wanted to win and rule whole world. He was a master of astute personality and was a powerful leader. Alexander was born in 356 BC in Macedonia, which is now a part of northern Greece. Alexander was born to the ruler of Macedonia: Philip II and his wife Olimpias (who was princes of Epirus). Alexander’s father, Philip II wanted his son (Alexander) to receive best education and for this he had hired Aristotle to live at his royal residence and also to teach all possible things to his son Alexander.

Alexander was more interested in heroic stories and wished to be a hero when he was a child. Alexander heard the stories of great heroes like Achilles and Hercules from his mother, and his mother taught his that he was heir of both of them. She told Alexander that, Achilles was her ancestor and Hercules was his father’s (Phillip II) ancestor. Achilles was Alexander’s model and he always wished to become like him. Alexander’s father also always encouraged him to do something heroic and win battles, countries and write his name on the golden page of history.

As Alexander received education from Aristotle, it was no wonder that he achieved the level of maturity in his early age. He was charmed with the work of Homer. Aristotle used every possible way to teach Alexander everything he could. Aristotle helped Alexander right from making his body stronger to the level where Alexander led his father’s troops. Alexander learned how to think politically, how to develop strategies etc. Alexander was also made an ambassador of his father to Athens as a part of his education.

Alexander’s father Philip II wanted to marry a young princess and he left Alexander’s mother for the same. Alexander was not happy with his father’s decision and he abandoned his father. Alexander ran away from Macedonia. Alexander did not want to speak to his father, but he always kept in touch with Macedonia. Alexander was made king in very young age of 20 after his father’s mysterious assassination.

After becoming king of Macedonia, Alexander had only one aim in his life and it was to win and rule the whole world. He started his conquest from the battle of Persia (now known as Iran), which is considered as one of the most successful heroic tales in history. Alexander led the army of about 35,000 soldiers and faced the deadly weapons of Persians, but he won a great victory. His victory opened the way to many Asian countries for him. He continued his quest and marched along the coast of Syria, then he marched to Phoenicia in south and captured Tyre. The battle of Tyre is considered Alexander’s one of the great histories. Further, Alexander marched to Gaza and brought it under his rule just in three months. Alexander then captured Egypt, which was ruled by Persian ruler King Darius.

Alexander then fought one of the most famous battles in History. Alexander and his army fought an enormous army of Persia in 331 BC. Alexander then captured the city of Babylon, and also captured the Persian cities of Susa and Persepolis. Alexander’s army looted vast treasure of gold and silver from the cities he had conquered, which paid for the battles they fought restlessly for past few months. Alexander sold all the people whom he captured from the Persian cities he had won and burned the Persepolis city as a revenge for act of Persian burning Athens in 480 BC. King Darius was killed by his own knight and Alexander was the only powerful person to become the king of Asia.

Alexander then turned towards South Asian region and first he captured cities of Afghanistan. Alexander entered Bactria and Sogdiana, behind the Hindu Kush mountain range, and marched as far as the Jaxartes River. Alexander married the daughter of a Sogdian tycoon, her name was Roxane. When Alexander was in Sordiana, he killed his close friend when they were drunk and quarreled over some issues. Alexander’s army was not happy with him over his act of killing his own men. To pacify the issue, Alexander executed some more people from his army.

Alexander then turned his face towards the Indian sub-continent in 326 BC. In India, Alexander defeated an Indian prince, Porus. The story of the battle between Porus and Alexander is very famous in India. Alexander wanted to move forward and capture India, but his army was tired of battles and wanted to go back home. Alexander was helpless and so he took decision to sail down the Indus River to its mouth.

Alexander suffered from malaria and died on June 13, 323 BC when he was just 33 year old. Alexander requested his soldiers to give him a final farewell when he was dying. His body was placed in a gold coffin and taken to Memphis, in Egypt. Later it was carried to Alexandria, and placed in a beautiful tomb. His only son, who was born after his death was assassinated by his own nobles; and, his empire was divided in many states by his knights who wanted the power in their hands.

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