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Food of the Gods January 17, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Food Cyprus.

APOLLO > great food and warm welcome that hits the spot

As soon as we walked into Apollo we were struck by the aroma of Greek-Cypriot cuisine. If it weren’t for the cold drizzle outside we could easily have been mistaken for thinking we were in a restaurant in the Mediterranean.

We were welcomed to Apollo, the Greek archer-god, by the owner Nick, who showed us to our table and offered us drinks. Looking through the menu, there was a wide range of dishes available. My eye was caught by the sea bass, kleftiko, steak diane and steak au poivre, but we decided on the mezze for two. The mezze is a bit like tapas, and offers a real taste of Cyprus and Greece.

The first course came with tama, hummus, tsahalis, tahini, crab salad, tuna, beetroot, cossica and quail eggs. Smoked ham and prawn salad completed the selection. My personal favourites were quail eggs, hummus and crab salad. The second course was a variety of seafood dishes, including sea bass, mussels, monk fish, crab claws and calamari.

I was bowled over by the monk fish, a superbly meaty piece of fish with makes the tastebuds tingle. This course is one I won’t forget in a hurry. As this point I asked myself two questions. How am I going to find space for the last two courses and when can I next get a table?

The third course was meat dishes. The lamb shank looked heavenly and there was also grilled chicken, sheftalies and keftedes, with a fantastic Greek salad on the side. We had a fantastic fruit bowl for dessert and finished the meal with a gorgeous Greek coffee, listening to the talented guest singer.

The beauty of the Apollo is it is a superbly social place. From the moment we arrived, we felt welcome and valued. Apollo chefs are not meagre with the portions either, and at just £39 for a four-course meal for two, I can only recommend this restaurant highly enough.

APOLLO, 134A Seven Sisters Road, N7, Islington, UK, Tel: 020 7263 4687

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