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Iceland and Greece to cooperate on archaeology January 27, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Archaeology Greece.

Icelandic and Greek archaeologists recently reached a framework agreement on cooperation in research at the University in Athens.

“This agreement confirms that all the preparations we have worked on for many years are delivering results,” Adolf Fridriksson, director of the Icelandic Archaeology Institute, said.  “The agreement will make it easier for us to team up with experienced scientists from other countries, individuals who have the technical equipment and specialized knowledge that we lack,” Fridriksson explained.

Fridriksson said archaeology in Iceland has undergone a great number of improvements during the last ten years and now has a high standard of quality. Greek archaeologists are especially interested in working with their Icelandic colleagues on mapping ancient remains, he said.

For the last few years Iceland and Greece have cooperated on a research on the comparison of the influence of volcanic activity on the cultural development of the two countries. “We would like to continue to cooperate on finding new evidence of how the culture in Greece developed in the volcanic mountain areas,” Fridriksson said.

Fridriksson said he is also interested in cooperating on a comparison of ancient remains of parliament that have been unearthed in the two countries, which has never been done before.

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