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A Greek treasure January 31, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Greek Taste World.

When you think of Greece, often the majestic Parthenon comes to mind, perched atop an arid hill overlooking Athens. Or perhaps the Greek islands, sun-drenched and congested with tourists. A steaming bowl of soup seems incongruous in both settings.

At Farm Grill & Rotisserie in Newton Highlands, you’re not in Greece, but the setting seems more suitable for its tangy Greek chicken-lemon soup. Called avgolemono, literally “egg lemon”, the traditional soup is made simply with chicken stock, lemon juice, egg whites, rice, and chunks of chicken. Just staring into its lemon-scented, pale-yellow depths could warm anybody. A peppery and citrusy aftertaste lingers after each spoonful of the light concoction, and the rice almost melts in your mouth.

A visit to Greece without the jet lag. Farm Grill & Rotisserie, 40 Needham St., Newton Highlands, 617-964-7766.

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