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YIASSOO (Hello) Instant Messenger2.1 Out Now January 31, 2007

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Looking for a success story? Then look no further than Yiassoo instant messenger.

In just three months of its launch Yiassoo has grown from a quirky tool for a select few into an international communication service. The new Mark 2.1 service has added features which will benefit personal as well as business interaction, these special features are centered on the Greek populations throughout the world, featuring news from ERT, as well as chat, and an instant messenger service complete with instant transport for contacts, so you can keep working whilst you chat, and in your leisure hours there’s also a getting to know you or dating section to further promote good Greek relationships.

It’s no wonder they say that the cradle of civilization began to rock in Ancient Greece; Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Hippocrates, all stamped their names indelibly into the Greek civilisation and culture which resonates throughout our languages of today.

Greek, is the language of the poets and the language of the philosophers, but above all it is a language of the people, no matter where they live.

Yiasso the real time instant messenger celebrates the Greek language in the technology age, by providing a platform in which Greeks from all over the world can chat or converse with their family and friends in their own language.

“Yiasso” was developed by Yiassoo Media Ltd a Greek Cypriot based company who saw a real opportunity in developing a product that talks directly to the people in their own language. Or more importantly allows them to talk and write in their own language.

Aside from the obvious ease of communication, the one thing that having a system like this does is keep language alive. The easy to download and installation process, together with a Greek and English interface are designed to make the process of communication simpler so that Greeks can keep ahead of what is happening in their world, whether locally or internationally.

Yiasso real time messenger is cheaper than a phone call and has no time limitations, talk for two minutes or two hours it makes no difference, you can even talk to more than one person at a time, great for developing community spirit and business.

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