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Discovering Ancient Spartan and Greek History February 3, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Culture History Mythology.

The second issue of the celebrated Sparta Journal magazine > Markoulakis Publications, publishing the Sparta (ISSN 1751-0007) periodical.

Markoulakis Publications have produced the second issue (volume 2 no. 2) of the printed and online educational periodical entitled Sparta. The periodical is accessible for review purposes for all visitors to their website: www.sparta.markoulakispublications.org.uk.

Sparta’s current issue will provide the ancient Greek history enthusiast an extensive guide about the artistic re-construction of Ancient Greek warfare and weapons by David Milner.

An introduction of Plato’s philosophical thoughts towards ancient Sparta’s constitution.

An article discussing Sparta’s political and military decision to make the heroic stand Thermopylae. An original article which uses the prophecies of the Delphic Oracle as its source, and, finally, a paper, which presents the early causes of the Peloponnesian War by Robert Montgomerie. All content will be put on the website once the issue is published.

The periodical is available for subscribers in both print and electronic versions. To view the subscription rates and prices, visitors should go to the Sparta website and follow the Subscribe & Order link. This will direct them to the subscribers’ choices and prices. The website electronic payments use Paypal.

Sparta (ISSN 1751-0007) is an incorporated title with the Journal of Laconian Studies (eISSN: 1749 5814) and the former Sparta’s Journal (ISSN 1747-0005). The free electronic version Sparta’s Journal is available on the Sparta website under the Volume’s Archive link.

The website also offers a great number of free monthly articles, news and announcements as well as a Weblog Carnival focusing on Spartan and ancient Greek history.

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