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The lost white brother February 3, 2007

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Lost White Brother may be a strange name to call a band, but their mission is clearly ambitious. Check the myspace intro “We Are The Lost White Brother”…

What does this statement say to you? “Lost White Brother” is an idea inspired by Hopi Indian philosophy. The Hopi believe we are all “The Lost White Brother”. We have lost our way! Our pursuit for material advancement has made us forget that everything in our world, this planet, let alone this universe requires balance. The path we have chosen is causing imbalance. “We are the lost white brother”.

What’s more they are based in Limassol, Cyprus. So before anyone ventures to the south coast in search of tipi settlements, you can, just to be sure, check their web site… amazing stuff www.myspace.com/lostwhitebrother look out for their forthcoming gig at the Half Note, more details to follow.

Cyprus > Turkey acting like oil pirate February 3, 2007

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Cyprus accused Turkey on Friday of behaving like a pirate over an oil exploration dispute that has threatened to revive tension on the divided island.

Turkey earlier this week warned Lebanon and Egypt not to press ahead with oil-and-gas exploration deals signed with Cyprus.

But government spokesman Christodoulos Pashiardis said Cyprus had the sovereign right to search for oil.

“If Turkey is misinterpreting the exercise of our legal and sovereign rights, what interpretation can be given to its threatening reactions?” Pashiardis said.

“The only interpretation that can be given is that Turkey feels, behaves and acts like a policemen in the area and sometimes as an unrestrained pirate of the eastern Mediterranean.”

Turkey does not recognize the island’s Greek Cypriot government, and backs a breakaway illegal and self-proclaimed Turkish Cypriot state in the occupied north of Cyprus. The island has been divided since a Turkish military invasion in 1974 sparked by a coup supporting union of the island with Greece.

The Cypriot government has said it will launch an international tender this month for offshore oil and gas exploration licenses. It said it would also protest to the United Nations and the EU over Turkey’s warnings.

On Thursday, the U.S. State Department urged Cyprus and Turkey to refrain from any actions “that might be misinterpreted by the other side.”

Spokesman Sean McCormack said efforts to determine continental shelf boundaries around Cyprus were “extremely complex.”

But Pashiardis on Friday, insisted oil-and-gas drilling rights “have neither complicated nor ambiguous legal dimensions.”

He added: “The issue is simple from a legal point of view. … The Republic of Cyprus, as an independent and sovereign state, has and can exercise all rights recognized by international law, including the right of exploration and exploitation of its natural wealth either on land or at sea.”

Row over Cyprus oil prospects February 3, 2007

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Military confrontation should be a last resort in a dispute over oil and gas exploration in the Mediterranean Sea near the divided island of Cyprus, the leader of the Turkish military occupied north of Cyprus said yesterday.

Mehmet Ali Talat appealed for dialogue and said his self-proclaimed breakaway state, recognized only by Turkey, was as entitled as the Greek-Cypriot government to proceeds from any oil reserves. Tensions flared earlier this week when Turkey warned Lebanon and Egypt not to press ahead with energy exploration deals signed with the Greek-Cypriot government, a member of the European Union.

“Military confrontation should be only the last resort,” Talat said in an interview with The Associated Press. “We believe that we should have our share,” he said. “We will not let our rights be eroded by the Greek-Cypriot administration.”

Turkey and Greece came to the brink of war in early 1987 in an oil-drilling rights dispute in the Aegean Sea. A clash was averted after Turkey withdrew a seismic exploration ship and agreed not to test in contested waters if Greece did the same.

Yesterday, the Greek-Cypriot government accused Turkey of behaving like a pirate over the dispute and said it had a sovereign right to search for oil.

“If Turkey is misinterpreting the exercise of our legal and sovereign rights, what interpretation can be given to its threatening reactions?” government spokesman Christodoulos Pasiardis said in Nicosia.

“The only interpretation that can be given is that Turkey feels, behaves and acts like a policeman in the area and sometimes as an unrestrained pirate of the eastern Mediterranean.”

Turkish warships routinely patrol the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean, but military officials in Ankara have said that no new force had been sent around Cyprus.

US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack has urged Cyprus and Turkey to refrain from any actions “that might be misinterpreted by the other side.”

Cyprus tourism revenue up February 3, 2007

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An increase of 2.3 per cent was recorded in revenue from tourism in 2006 compared to the previous year, reaching £1.037 billion, compared to £1.014 billion in 2005.

Responding to the figures, Pantelis Ioannides, press officer of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, said: “We are happy about the increase, which came about as a result of an increase in per person expenditure. For 2006, we saw an increase of 5.2 per cent.”

In 2005, an average of £407 per person was spent on holiday in Cyprus. In 2006, the figure rose to £428.

According to data released by the Statistical Service, based on the results of the Passenger Survey, tourist arrivals in 2006 dropped by 2.8 per cent compared to 2005, reaching 2,400,924 compared to 2,470,063 in 2005.

“We are working to find all the reasons why this decrease took place and are trying to analyse the reasons for this drop,” said Ioannides. “We know that some of the main factors contributing to the drop were the war in Lebanon, the threat of terrorism and the economies in some countries, which are sources for tourism in Cyprus.

“We are therefore taking action to reverse this trend based on specific plans such as attracting more low-cost carriers, our fresh approach to advertising and using the activities of our offices abroad.”

Furthermore, income from revenue from tourism reached £28.8 million in December 2006, compared to £30.3 million in the corresponding month of the previous year, recording a decrease of 5.2 per cent. During the same month, arrivals dropped by 6.1 per cent compared to December 2005, reaching 71,022.

“We knew that December was going to be a difficult month and we believe that things will be better in 2007,” the CTO officer said.

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New carrier offers €99 flights to Stansted February 3, 2007

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Cyprus is to have another scheduled service to London, as low-cost flyglobespan offers seats from Larnaca to Stansted for only €99 per person one-way including taxes from April.

Initially, the flyglobespan web-based service will operate on Sundays and Mondays only, but from May 29 that will expand into a six day a week programme, with flights every day except Thursdays.

The latest development brings to three the new airlines starting or expanding Cyprus-UK routes this year. Both Monarch Airlines and XL Airways will launch tri-weekly flights to Larnaca from London Luton as of Tuesday. XL will also base an aircraft in Larnaca in order to expand its programme of Cyprus flights across the UK this summer, the airline said.

A statement from flyglobespan said the airline was already known to many Cyprus travellers. The company has been flying from Paphos to Glasgow for the past two summers and will resume that route with a twice weekly service in April. In addition, this May they launch a new weekly service from Paphos to another Scottish city, Aberdeen, as part of an expanded summer 2007 campaign.

The new Larnaca-Stansted service means that flyglobespan will be offering Cypriots a variety of low cost travel to the UK. Larnaca will become the 30th overseas destination available from flyglobespan.

“This is another exciting new route from flyglobespan,” said chairman Tom Dalrymple. “There is a huge Cypriot community in London and a lot of traffic between there and Cyprus. I am pleased we can offer them the chance to travel at such attractive fares.”

Flyglobespan launched in April 2002. It is one of Britain’s fastest growing airlines and was voted Airline of the Year by Scottish BAA last year. It is a subsidiary of The Globespan Group Plc a wholly owned British company established in 1974.

Bookings can be made at www.flyglobespan.com.

Gambling addicts face depression, alcoholism February 3, 2007

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About 40 percent of gambling addicts regularly consume alcohol and another 20 percent have chronic thoughts about suicide, according to data released yesterday by the Center of Intercultural Psychiatric Care.

The center, a non-governmental organization, said that long-term gamblers suffer from headaches, chest pains, heart and stomach problems and severe bouts of depression.

Gambling also disrupts people’s sex lives, the data revealed. For instance, those who regularly win at games of chance are often too excited about their victories to get intimate. And those who lose are too depressed to have sex.

The center also said that last year it received 123 calls for help on its phone line. Of those calls, 75 people set up an appointment with a counselor to help them with their gambling addiction.

This February 14, give a little Special love February 3, 2007

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Special Olympics Hellas is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

On February 14, 1987 it was founded by Andreas Potamianos, now its Honorary President. Since 1990 it has been led by Gianna Despotopoulou, who is President of the Bid Committee for the 2011 Special Olympics.

This February 14, a special marathon is being held on the classic route from Marathon to the Panathenaic Stadium from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Special Olympics athletes, who will run a 1-kilometer relay, will be joined by Olympic champions, artists, volunteers and vintage cars, along with friends of the Special Olympics. From 4 p.m. until midnight on the same day, the state media organization ERT will hold a telethon to raise funds for the institution.

Valentine’s Day, therefore, will be dedicated to children with mental disabilities. Today 172 countries around the world have Special Olympics committees.