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PC Games > Ancient Wars: Sparta February 25, 2007

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pcgamessparta.jpg  Platforms: PC. Ancient Wars: Sparta is their newest RTS jewel and it takes place around 500 – 450 BC. 

Playlogic brings you an RTS that’s situated in the ancient times, when the Greeks weren’t punished for fooling around with little boys.

In the game you can start with Persians, Egyptians or who would have thought Spartans. PC gamers can run to the stores in March. You will be able to personalise your troops by setting their equipment and by deciding whether you want them to attack or defend.

Sparta is based on the history of the ancient ages and their main nations. Spartans, Persians and Egyptians are fighting for influence around Little Asia, Europe and North Africa. Historical correct timeline is 700-300 BC and the action takes place with different campaigns for all three races. Sparta represents 3D strategy in real time with the new developed “Ancient Wars Engine” (AWE), where the player will have to use each nation’s powers to be superior over other competitors and build up a driving and ruling faction.

The main emphasis is on large-scaled battles and complex tactical manoeuvres. Additional to this, a new method of army equipment is represented. Warriors can be equipped with weapons and shields, can be put on horses or on chariots and be given special abilities. The player can collect abandoned weapons after battles or import powerful weapons from other cultures to build more powerful and different special units. Additionally the forces of nature are very important, because fire, find etc. will affect the whole environment. Cities can be upgraded (e.g. turned to fortresses), workers gather resources to ensure the economic part. Sparta offers every aspect RTS gamers like.

The first thing that strikes us, is the graphical beauty of this game. Everything is made and animated in extreme detail. Grass and flowers move in the wind, while the trees dance along on the rhythm. It sounds poetical, but it really looked that way. The wind can even change directions with a changeable force, something which can be very important during an attack. If you put something on fire, the building next to it can go up in flames too and consequently even the whole village. Interaction with the environment takes this a step further. If you cause in any way a shock, it could happen that buildings close to you collapse or trees fall down. Those trees could at their turn crush buildings or troops. The battles involve sometimes up to a few hundreds of units for each army.

The units can be equipped to your own liking. For example, you choose which shield, primary weapon, secundary weapon, … they will carry. Indeed, every soldier can have two weapons. Of course it’s important to choose wisely. The weapons and shields you take away from the enemy, become your property. You are not obligated to confront your enemy directly. Instead, build pitfalls to protect your territory. If you think walking on foot goes too slow, give your men a horse or an elephant.

The sea isn’t absent either. In those times sailing was very important and this reflects in the game. You can place a limited ammount of units on a ship, and next to cannons you can also ram or board other ships. If this is succesful, the ship is yours.

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