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Overseas experience worthwhile February 26, 2007

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The following are abstracts from an artilce written by Matt Boog, Vanguard Staff Writer, on February 26, 2007

The thing I remember most about that day is how jerky the donkey ride was. Hanging on to the animal’s scratchy hide for dear life, I rode along a narrow path, halfway up the side of a cliff. Far below, the Aegean Sea crashed on the shore. That’s when it hit me… my study abroad in Greece was far from normal.

When I began my three-month adventure in Athens, Greece, I quickly realized what it meant to live in a different culture. I experienced the dizzying effects of dealing with a whole new set of social rules. I learned to live without the comforts and securities I was accustomed to at home. And very interestingly, I learned how it felt to be a minority. Growing up as a white, middle-class male, this experience proved to be very enlightening.

But the benefits of study abroad don’t end with your personal enrichment. Employers appreciate an applicant that can demonstrate an understanding of other cultures. A former co-worker told me just the other day that her international experience was a large factor in securing her new internship.

Study abroad also offers you a chance to study in a truly unique study environment. I can attest to this from personal experience. There is no better way to learn Greek than from a native speaker in their native country. Your entire day becomes an exercise in the language. And few things are more awesome than hearing a lecture on Greek history while standing on the spot where history took place.

Remember King Agamemnon from the “Iliad?” I visited his castle and stood in his bathroom. Or remember when Oedipus Rex traveled to the Oracle at Delphi? I retraced his steps and visited the same spot.

Don’t let the opportunity to gain a global perspective pass you by – find out what study abroad can offer you.

If you’re interested, I kept a blog of what my study abroad experience offered me: http://ahastudyabroad.org/programs/greece/athens/student-blog

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