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300 the movie and the allegory > March 6, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Movies Life.

> is America Ancient Greece or Ancient Persia?

That’s the big allegory hanging over the movie, the one that had Berlin Film Festival goers all upset. They were seeing 300 as a movie that explains or excuses America’s adventures abroad in mythic terms, as “freedom” vs. “slavery” the reason of the west vs. the fanatics of the east.


Actually, the fanatics are the Westerners, in the US. But it’s worth chewing on, as The New York Times takes a shot (with comment by Hollywood Wiretap).

I don’t think it’s that neat, though you certainly could make a case for either argument, that Bush is “Leonidas” standing firm against all arguments because he “knows” he is doing his duty, or that he’s “Xerxes” a megalomaniac letting others do his fighting for him, all to avenge his “wronged” daddy.

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